Mandala and me

I am the sky with the white clouds
I am the mountains and valleys
With rivers and trees
I am the green pastures
With wild flowers and grass
I am the ocean
Constantly in motion
And deep inside me
Is my heart filled with love!

I am the mandala
And the inter-connecting patterns
That make it!
I am the colors
Which fills up the patterns
In VIBGYOR mode…
For life isn’t just black and white
But all the colors in a spectrum of light!

Thought process…

Are you the wave?
Rising from deep stillness
With emotions and words
With ideas brimming bright
With elated happiness
And hit all those
Onto the silent shore
And as though the job is done
Recede back to being silent…

Or are you the shore?
The strong and sturdy
Resilient to waves
And taunamis too
The wall is strong
Which keeps the shore intact
And not dance to the tunes
Of the consistent waves
That keep hitting…

Or are you the wind?
That which stimulates
The stillness of water
And stirs deep within
For ideas to emerge
For waves to unfold
And also be part of the journey
Till the wave hits the shore…

Or are you the observer?
The one who knows the wind
The wave and the shore;
The stimulant
The object and the target…

Some days I am the wind
There are days when
I am overwhelmed like the waves
With ideas and emotions…
And then some days
I am the sturdy shore
With an attitude of “bring it on”
The yearning though
Is to be an observer!

Self-introspective mode ON

Pic courtesy: Google

Recently, I had a dream. And immediately I decided that I will not share it here, in my space, for I felt it was too personal to put it out in writing. But today’s introspective mood of mine has won over and here I am writing about my dream and my feelings towards it.

I see myself lying on the floor, with blood flowing through the nose and it clearly looks like I am dying. I see my daughters on either side of me. And all this was happening in a house where I used to stay as a teenager. I could also see the man who was walking towards the house as my husband. Then I could hear what I was talking to my daughters; the silly me was so paranoid that the soul will depart soon and was frantically telling all the passwords in all the apps and websites for my daughters to note it down!

Ok…that was the dream! When I woke up from that dream, I laughed out aloud. And kept smiling and laughing whenever I remembered it. The whole idea of not passing on my passwords gave me the worst nightmare, in my dream; it sounded very silly to the present me.

Now, observing that dream from a more matured point of view, I wonder why didn’t I worry about that favorite sari of mine which I didn’t wear many times! I wonder why didn’t I fret over all those jewelry which I loved to buy but never wore them! I wondered at that unused purse, notebook, pen, saucepan, wine glass, coffee mug – anything that I savored for a better day to come. And I had just kept postponing all those favorite things without enjoying them at the present moment.

I had reserved all the good things for a later date.

I had written love notes for all my favorite people for them to see later.

I always plan on going on a trip that I never seem to get to.

Everything was planned for a later date.

Then the dream happened.

My better self took over. This is the day I had waited for. Today I shall proclaim all the love and fondness for all my favorite people in this world. I will hug them with my love and kindness. I will use that saucepan. I took out my favorite coffee mug.

And suddenly the day I am living mattered.

I got a plant. I smelt the flowers. I stared at clouds. I made coffee. I sang my favorite song. I colored in my mandala book. I learned to forgive all those things which happened in the past.

I suddenly understood what I had to do with my life. It is to live this moment!


There is one thing that is constant
And that is change…
Human beings resist it
And keep grumbling
That likes and dislikes
Cannot be changed.

Being stubborn
To see the natural flow of energy…
Failing to see
This is the change
That will change life…
To jump to the other side
For fear of treading
An unknown path…
Always forgetting
That life is a mystery
And that it was easy
To walk along with it
During younger days…
But aging
Hardens the outlook
And the mind looks out
For stable and predefined paths.
Forgetting the most important
That those paths
Will not lead to happiness!

For what is the purpose of this life?
If it is not as simple as being happy
In whatever the heart yearns to do
Whether its the job
Or is it simply the moments
That maketh our life
The biggest goal
Is happiness!

A self-study
An introspection
Can tell the truth
Even though its bitter,
Of a life that is unhappy!

When the feeling of unhappiness
Is prominent,
Analyze those feelings.
Shift focus.
Move in a different direction.
There is a world
Filled with possibilities
There are a hundred and one ways
To feel happy again
This old path
Need not be the destined one.

Break out of the path
That doesn’t bring happiness!

Trusting the instincts
Is a beginning.

Trying different things
Finding those ones
Which tingle the passion
And can bring in
A sense of calm
And a feeling of being happy.
Of making other mundane tasks

All that the soul needs is courage
The ability to accept
That the current path is not giving happiness.
The ability to move away
From what is giving unhappiness.
It is a known path…
It might be difficult
To break the routine…
To shake the bottom of that wall…
But it needs to be done…
The shifting away,
The moving forward
Towards something new
That will be a source of happiness!

That courage
Will become the inspiration
For many others
Who are struggling
With the feeling of unhappiness
Deep inside!

A birthday wish!

“Ma, am in Ambattur now. How many more stations before I reach Chennai Central?”

“I don’t know the exact no. of stations but just look for Basin Bridge. Central is the next station”

“Maaaa, how can you not know? You are supposed to know everything” 😄

And that led to this:

To my dearest kutti daughter,

When you were a little girl, maybe I had answers to all your questions.

When you were a teenager, I answered many of your questions honestly but you didn’t know the enormity of your questions.

When you started staying all by yourself there were many questions of yours for which I had an answer but was unable to convince you with it.

So, my dear girl, your mom doesn’t know the answers to many questions you ask and to many questions of her own. But I don’t worry too much about not knowing them. I will know them when the time is right for me. Till such time, I will journey towards it.

And this is what I want to tell you today – your birthday – Just listen to your heart and move forward and the answers will be revealed at the right time. Explore your life and enjoy your experiences as you keep journeying towards your goal!

You don’t need to know the answers to move forward. Just trust the process and what your heart tells you!

A very happy birthday darling!

Lots of love


When you are happy and you know it…

I remember those days when my girls were in kinder garden and we all used to sing all the nursery rhymes together! Its a funny disposition for the mother. I don’t remember any rhymes from my young age but I remember all the rhymes I learnt along with my daughters. And one of our favorite songs was this – when you are happy and you know it, clap your hands 😀

It is simple and it just makes you feel happy with simple gestures! After all, as grown ups all we want in life is happiness. Sometimes I wonder, why can’t we do just as this song says…clap your hands or stamp your feet or do whatever that makes you feel happy!

After I got my smartphone, I have become this obsessive clicker of clouds, flowers and anything that catches my eye or anything that makes me happy!

Here are a few shots to make you smile, feel happy and feel bliss. These are the Firangipani flowers which always look like as though they are smiling at me. Naturally, I smile back at them 🙂


Smile and be happy…its quite simple 🙂

The shooting star story

Just imagine this – for as human beings we have this innate quality to imagine things, sometimes out of proportion too, anyway – there is this window in my kitchen which faces the western sky. There are no huge buildings as of now that could possibly block my view of the sunset. This is the place where I stand with my cup of tea or generally stand there sipping water and watch the sun go down in the evenings. Many of you would have seen those dramatic sunset pictures which I have shared or keep sharing everyday!

The view from my kitchen window!

There are many towers which are visible to the eye when I look out of the window.  They could be for the electricity or the mobile phone service.

One evening, as the sun was setting and as it became dusk, I noticed a blinking light. I got excited and called my daughter. Together we stared at it, made a wish – it was a shooting star! Both of us were so elated that we could even spot a shooting star.

Days went by. And we saw the shooting star again. At the same place and around the same time. We were happy with our coincidental spotting of the shooting star. It was quite a feeling, I tell you!

Another day we saw a blinking red light in that same place. We wondered if that blinking light could be on top of a tower or something. But it went off after sometime. Now, if that tower is stationery then the light too should blink at the same place, right?

We were asking each other questions in a way to find an answer to this blinking white (sometimes red) light! It was one single light only!

One fine day, illumination happened. As we thought hard, we realized that it is the direction of the airport from my home. And the blinking white light is that of an aircraft that moves towards my direction. The blinking red light is when they turn around for landing. We could come to this conclusion only when we happened to see an aircraft during the daylight.

As I normally stand near the window for a long time only during sunsets, I had failed to observe this aircraft during the day.

Anyway, all is well – shooting star or aircraft, my wish has been fulfilled 😀

Intentions for social media

I think it is a great idea to go with writing sparks from instagram! Here is another one of my favorites!

We are all surrounded by social media or rather we live inside the bubble called social media. There are only a very few who consciously don’t get into it.

The others are out there in the field of twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp and what not! And its becoming a tad fashionable to post each and everything out there for others to see, read and comment.

There are plenty of rubbish data that goes on in circles, fraudulent news that keeps getting forwarded, people trolling others accounts, commenting with hurtful words and generating enmity. When I come across such accounts, I first block them without any hesitation. I come out of groups when I can’t stand the stupid forwards that people keep sharing in the group without even reading it fully. I just make sure that they are not part of my circle in any way.

There is also a side to this social media which gives me so much of positive vibes. There are accounts that help people to talk themselves out of depressing thoughts. There are accounts that inspire, motivate through healthy interactions. Some people’s art bring us happiness. And then some people’s music soothes our souls. There are true stories of good work done by people which greatly inspires others. And then there are accounts which make us laugh, smile and be happy.

The main point is that it is not a bad place if you have eyes for only good and positive content. Look for the good and it will come to you. The proof of this is the amazing friends I have made through this social media. They are real people with a beautiful heart and I found them all online. And their reality is heartwarming.

Be inspired
Engage in meaningful conversations
Travel in pictures
Learn from experts
Make your virtual social circle to mean something worthwhile!

Today’s intention

This is one of my stories in Instagram today. I shared it from another account I am following.

It is such a beautiful message and more an intention for this day. A poke in the direction of love.

Among all the running around we do everyday, we just forget these small gestures of acknowledging or reciprocating a good will.

Here I am, actually showcasing art by my nieces in a way of telling them about how proud this aunt is! Its my way of expressing my love for them. When I bring them into my space aka my blog, its a show of my love.

So here it goes:

This picture drawn by my niece blew me! I was stunned at her representation of the sun as a woman. All along the image that comes to my mind is Sun God driving his chariot of seven horses. Here she has celebrated womanhood. The sun rays are like her hair. And those figurines that dance around represent the joy that sunshine gives. Isn’t it amazing!! Sending this little one loads of love from this athai❤

And this beautiful painting of Krishna is by another niece. Am a big fan of her quiet and strong personality. She has her way of doing things and I admire her inquisitiveness and curiosity to learn. Her smile is her biggest asset which gets things done for her! Sending this tall girl who is aiming on becoming the tallest in the family, all the love from this perima ❤

And then there is this cute little bunny rabbit, who is a beautiful girl with the wisdom of sages living amongst us and imparts her knowledge in her own ways!

This is a conversation between her and her father:

We have been giving my daughter, goat leg soup made at home, as prescribed by her doctor. I reguarly go to buy legs from a local butcher. Assuming that she may not like to see animals being butchered, I have never taken her along. Today, due to unavoidable circumstances, she was pulled along. Not being able to stand the smell from the shop, she chose to stand 20 meters away in shade of a tree, waiting for me to collect the legs. I collected, we came home and were lying down, discussing our outing. She started to speak (not that she ever stops 😜 )…

She: Appa, they were killing that chicken in front of my eyes, I could not see that. How can they do that? It is such a poor creature. Killing it is like killing you.

Me: How is that?

She: It is all the same life in everyone.

Me: How?

She: It is the one same big life that is there is small pieces in everyone

Me: (Swallowing my shock of her understanding of this truth) So?

She: came out these words in absolute confidence – “Hence, there is no difference in life, it is all the same. I could be a girl, you could be a boy, it could be a chicken, but life is all one!”

Me: True! If only the world understands it the way you do….

Now, isn’t that wise?! She is a beautiful child filled with love for people around her and am so much in awe of her story telling and creative writing skills. Maybe she will author some amazing book one day! Sending this dear girl lots of love from athai❤

Guess what? Am so happy now. With these small messages and words of appreciation to three little girls, I feel that my intention for today is beautifully done. I hope they get to see this post from me where I have tried to express my love for them.

August beginnings

As I go for my yoga class by bus, I always try my best to see this lake that we cross by. Even if the bus is crowded, I try to peep out through some gap and just have a glimpse of the lake. It is so vast and beautiful. I also see a lot of birds esp flamingoes there. A smile starts on my lips and passes to my soul making me immensely happy with such a beautiful sight of nature!

During the summer months, situation changed and the lake dried up very quickly. The birds were finding it very difficult to stay on the small patches of water that remained. The ground looked parched. It was as though I could feel the Mother Earth being thirsty.

Everytime I saw that dried up lake, I would feel sad for the parched ground, for the birds that lived there. And everytime I would pray for rains for this ground to be wet and nourished, for the birds and of course for the gentle rise in water table.

It rained in July and thankfully lots of rains. Prayers were answered and I was glad of mine. People who had implemented Rainwater harvesting have benefitted a lot. The heat has come down a lot.

The precious drops of water from above has made a difference in the lives of the birds in the lake and of course, ours too!

This is just a reiteration to myself that prayers will be answered as I keep my faith strong and anchored.

And with that I begin August with a month long writing in my endeavor to put across my myriad thoughts of self learning and keeping my soul happy.