Can you pl hold on the call ?????

Buying a Gadget, some 10 years back was like this :

– You buy a TV / Fridge / Washing Machine / AC / Telephone.  You have a specified warranty period.

– After that period, if you have any complaint, you can contact the service centre that is available in the city – and this info is provided in the warranty card given to us.

– The service centre is a wonderful place where you get to talk with the technician or the service manager, with no intermediate ppl.

– The service is handled very well, within the specified time by the technician.

– In case of any part being not available, you can call the service centre directly and ask for clarification.

– Service was quick and each customer was asked relevant questions regarding the malfunction of the product, which helped them to solve the problem easily.



– You buy some gadget – add to the list Internet Connection, Mobiles, Mobile Service Provider, Microwave Oven, Camera and many more for which I need a separate post.

– Now, after the warranty period, starts your big time trouble.

– If the product is working fine, then you are blessed.

– If there is any problem, you have to call one TOLL-FREE number. Becos, it says the calling costs are not there, ppl were so happy to use it.

– The company stopped providing with the individual service centres’ details and made sure all calls are through this Toll-free number.

– The entry ticket to hell, starts at this CALL-CENTRE where those CALL CENTRE EXECUTIVES take your call – and mind you, you can never talk to the same person again, even if you call a hundred times. You can only wonder – “Where is that sweet lady / man who guided me very well, last time I called ???”

– When you first make a call, it is understandable to get all my details – Name, Address, Landline, Mobile, Mail ID.  But is it necessary to repeat the same every time you call the Call Centre ?????

– The details of the complaint is taken down, I believe. But alas, God knows better.

– Invariably all the details are not filled in properly, as the Call Center Executive is not technically qualified to understand the nature of the problem and write down details properly.

– Then the details are sent to the wrong service centre – as they dont know the geographical location of my home and the city I am living in. The Call Centre need not be in my city of residence.

– Then the service centre calls me and tells that this service query had been sent to them wrongly and that they cannot forward the same to the service centre near my home. So, off goes the service complaint back to the Call Centre.

– Its two days, now with no Service, no calls.

– When I call up the Call Centre again, I am asked to tell my reference number for the complaint. When the number is unique to my complaint, why do they want to verbally say all my details starting with my name to my address and my email ID, again and again to me ????? I’ve told them bluntly so many times, that I know all those details – they are mine – just get to the point – what happened to my service complaint. 

– But Alas, the query will fall on deaf ears. Those Call Centre Executives will do it the way they are told to. It’s so dumb.

– If I start asking too many questions, which they are not able to answer, I am asked one simple question – “CAN YOU PL HOLD THE CALL ??? I’LL GET BACK TO YOU ONCE I SPEAK WITH MY SUPERVISOR ???”  And I’ll be made to wait forever.

– So, the companies are thinking that they are helping the customers by opening Call Centres to take service complaints.  But actually the customers are so bugged with the way, the Call Centres work.

– So, after the Call Centres have been formed, the service has taken a back seat. It’s high time, the companies realise their problems related to their Call Centres and make them more efficient and better, for a loyal customer following.  I hope somebody listens to these complaints.


Children of the world – BEWARE !!!!

November 19th is the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse !!!!

Child abuse is the physical or psychological/emotional mistreatment of children.  There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

Child abuse occurs in a child’s home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with.

It’s quite shocking to read about abuses in the school, where the children are scared to complain about their teachers.  We are in such a sad state that the parents too, take a back seat in not complaining.

The Sunday Express, two days back, carried a news item on the Molester Tutors !!!!!   Not only the teachers, the children need to be away from the van / bus drivers and cleaners.


Why do parents go and hide behind their prestigious social image, when their own kid is being abused ???????

Why do they hesitate to complain ??????

If they dont complain the first time, then the abuses will increase, isn’t it ?????

Because you paid a hefty donation to the school, you dont need to keep quiet, when your child is being abused !!!!!!

Please, please, please WAKE UP, PARENTS !!!!

Educate your child, by educating yourself in the process. Learn the Good touches from the  Bad touches and make your child aware of those.


Please go thru the following link, to understand the basics of Good and Bad Touch.


It is very essential that every child is educated on this and if any unforeseen things happen, please make a complaint.  Dont ever hesitate to bring such matters to public notice.

Parents, please make note and lets all join hands to prevent child abuse !!!!


It’s the right of every child to have a safe childhood and the responsibility of the parent to provide the same. 

Source : Wikipedia.

My take on Chennaiism !!??!!

When I was moving from Hyderabad to Chennai, many of my friends warned me – Chennai is a very conservative place.  Take Care !!!!

Yeah, I knew about this, being a Chennaiite, myself.  I was prepared for this too, mentally.  But when I got a sample of it, I laughed out loud (obviously, at home), while writing the following comparison…

When you move into a flat :  (This flat is one of the 300 odd flats in that apartment)

Hyderabad – When you meet ppl in a lift, they smile at you. This is very important as you feel welcome here.  They (ppl already staying there) ask you, “Hv you shifted here recently ??? You seem to be quite new, here  !!!! Which flat have you moved into ?????”

Chennai – When ppl meet you in the lift, they do a half-smile at you in a hurry – indirectly telling you that dont even think of starting a conversation, I am very busy. 


When you meet the native speaking aunties in the apartment temple :

Hyderabad – Even though there was no temple in the apartment, the elderly took an interest in knowing the youngsters.  One hundred questions will follow the smile and they’ll know your family history in a matter of time. All these elders are native Chennaiites.

Chennai : There is a lovely Ganesh temple. And yeah, puja happens every morning and evening.  But alas, nobody takes note of the new entrant in that place, which is me.  I keep smiling at everybody, but they hastily move away.  Is something wrong with me ?????? 🙄


When you meet a group of ladies, chit chatting and one of them knows you :

Hyderabad : You’ll be introduced to everyone in the group and from one friend, you make lot of friends in a small meeting.

Chennai : The person who knows you, takes you away from the group and talks to you in a whisper and then moves back to her group. What am I ?????? 🙄


The mothers of my daughters’ friends :

Hyderabad : Are my good friends, too. The rapport is good. And we have excellent conversations. Few of them of fellow Tamilians.

Chennai : They say a hurried Hi and get going.  Conversations – a big no no !!!! 🙄


The evening time :

Hyderabad : Children have a gala time, playing together and making new friends.  The mothers follow suit, in making new friends.

Chennai : Kids are always studying – there is no play time.  It happens occasionally once in a week or so.  The ladies too are confined to their house. Why ? Why ??? Why ?????


When you pass by a new face in the block :

Hyderabad : First you are greeted by a smile. Then introductions and so on.

Chennai : OMG !!! I just passed by a human being.  Thank God, I am staying in a place full of faceless ppl. 🙄


There are many more incidents like these.  So, even though I’ve moved to my native place, I feel out-of-place.  It’s not only the ppl of Chennai.  Those ppl who are natives of other states and have made Chennai their native, too, have become like this. 

The comparison with Hyderabad came naturally to me, as my home in Hyderabad was situated in a similar environment and with a mixed cosmo crowd.

For a Chennaiite, who had stayed out of Chennai for some years, this CHENNAIISM is just shocking and the culture mind-boggling.  It will take a lot of time, for me and my daughters to get some friends, here, and to feel one among the crowd.  Just hoping that I dont become part of the other crowd.

I think that Chennaiites, who stay out of Chennai, are more sociable than ppl staying here.

Whats your take on this ???????

Perfect or NOT ????

I consider myself as a perfectionist and am truly one.   Previously, I was not able to handle imperfections in people and that led me to a lot of problems.  After lot of mellowing, I’ve come to the stage to accept people how they are and never get judgemental with others.  It’s such a difficult task for me that I keep reminding myself constantly that every individual is different and that its stupid of me to expect others to do things in the same way as I do.

WOW, Uma, your philosophy rocks !!! Patting myself on my back 😆 😆 !!!!

I am very confident of the things I do – I never agree to do things of which I’ve no idea.  I’ll ask for time to learn them and then do it to perfection, my style.

There is this wonderful person, my friend and guide too, whom I respect so much.  It gives me so much happiness, when HE appreciates the job I’ve done.  I value HIS opinions and even ask my hubby to take HIS advice on various issues.  HE holds such an important place in our lives.  The kids too adore HIM.

But, whenever HE is around, I am fumbling – with my action or my words.  In my effort to do things the perfect way, I become so anxious.  Because of this anxiety, I make small mistakes while talking or doing certain things.  HE being the wonderful person, smiles at me and never says anything.  But, I feel terrible from inside.  Me, the perfect proud cat, doesn’t like things to happen this way.  But, it is happening.  It’s embarrassing for me. I am feeling so stupid.

I realise and regret the actions done in the fumbling anxiety, once HE is not around.  When my hubby discusses about those things, I feel so bad.

Why am I not the same person, when HE is around ??????   What makes me fumble like this ??????? How should I handle this situation ???????

Pl name your child, now !!!

Reading posts by Meira and Swaram, on how eager they are to get an email Id for their child, just shows the enthusiasm these girls show in everything in life.  Here are people on one side, who wants the right name for the email ID of their child, who is yet to be born. 😆

Now, here I was, witnessing the other side of the coin, in my neighbour.  The contrast of the two situations just stumped me, that I’ve to write about it.

This lady Mrs S, looks very sweet, has a smile on her face for everybody.  So, when she first shifted to our apartment, we met casually at the children’s play area.  Each one of us, were telling about ourselves, kids and stuff like that.

OK !!! Here’s how the conversation went….

Mrs S, has two daughters.  Very good.

Elder one is studying in Class 5. WOW !!! Gud !!!

Her name is Devi…….  Curiously, What does it mean ????

Oh !!! Its the name of Goddess Durga !!   Very good.

My second daughter is 2 years old. OH !!!

We call her Chun-Chun.  Chun-Chun ???? 🙄 Is that her name ???

No, its her pet name. We’ve not yet decided, on her name.  🙄  

We want some traditional name like how we have named our elder daughter. We’re searching for a good name for my second daughter, too. If you get to know any good names, please tell me, OK ????   Somebody hold me, I am fainting…

Its been 8 months since they moved in here, and still we have only this dialogue between us – Did you find a good name ????

Oh !!! Come on !!!! What am I ??? A mobile baby-names dictionary ????  🙄


After listening to my neighbour’s episode on naming her second daughter, I am reminded of the book, Jhumpa Lahiri’s NAMESAKE !!!! 

How those two would name their son as Gogol (pet name), and wait for a letter from their grandmother, who decides everybody’s name in their family. But, before the letter arrives, the grandmother dies.  Now, they are helpless, as they dont have the letter which has the name of the child. But they are forced to make a passport for the child, so that they can travel to India to attend the rites of the grandmother. And so, that boy is stuck with the name, Gogol.  He finally puts up an Ad in the paper, to change his name legally, when he becomes 18. What a story on names !!!!! 😆

Thank you, dear God…

There was this GIRL
Who was born as the eldest of three.
Even though SHE loved to
Take care of HER siblings,
SHE longed to be youngest of three.
SHE prayed and prayed for years
For the wish to be granted.
God had already planned it out for HER
When SHE got married
HER wish was granted.
Now, SHE has one sister
And two brothers
All elder to HER.
It was a dream come true for HER.
The first brother is a great inspiration
To this GIRL
As SHE listened with fascination
About his hardwork and dedication
SHE pinched herself to see if this is real.
He helps people in need
Just like his father, indeed.
SHE loves the way he talks
About anything you ask for.
The second brother is HER friend
Who makes sure that SHE’S all smiles
Never had SHE known that a brother
Could influence HER so much in life.
He plans everything so well
That everybody’s life is going on well
The heart to appreciate that he’s got
Is a wonderful gift, from which SHE should learn a lot.
The sister is a picture of courage
Always taking life in its stride
With the conviction to do only what she feels is right
She certainly is one of the favourite.
This sister is a sweetheart
For the whole family lot
This is evidently clear
As everybody longs to be with her the most.
The husband was no less
To his sister and brothers
He made sure that SHE can cry
Only out of  joy.
He was the most happy man
When he became the father
He loves his daughters so much
That the GIRL cries out of joy, without a bother.
HER mother-in-law was her new found friend
With whom SHE can share anything & everything.
The will-power and mental strength (of HER mil)
Is something SHE is keen on learning.
Two more sisters
God gave HER
SHE had no bother
When HER sisters cared for HER.
They understood HER
They guided HER
The brother’s wives they never were
But sisters to HER they always were.
There’s one more warm soul
Whom SHE has not seen in person
But SHE sees him (the Father-in-law) everyday
In the helping heart of the first brother,
The care and appreciation of the second brother,
The courage and conviction of the sister
The quiet inner strength of her husband.
He (FIL) is there with us
We never think that he left us.
The GIRL’S new found family
Was just the right place for HER
For its not only the husband
But the whole family is loving towards HER.
The GIRL is very happy
Today is HER birthday !!!
SHE thanks God for making
HER life as a divine blessing !!!

Endless motherhood…

” WOW, Uma, your children are quite grown up, isn’t it ??  You are absolutely free, now.  No problems, for you. The girls are big enough to take care of themselves.  But look at us – our children have just joined school. Its war everyday, to feed, dress and to put them to sleep. “

Now, I’ve listened to this dialogue, more than a hundred times.

Just because my girls are grown up and are in their teens, doesn’t mean that I don’t have problems.  Its just that the problems are of greater intensity.  They have their adolescent problems, peer pressure to do stuff, a line of stubbornness to handle – which was not there before, refusing to mingle with others (this character will change slowly, I know) and many more like this.  And, I’ve to help them without showing that I am helping. It is a tough situation, still.  May be I don’t have to do the regular bathing, dressing, feeding, helping with homework stuff – but I do have my share of problems in dealing with 2 teenagers.

Once my daughters were in their room doing some school work and I was busy in the kitchen.  Suddenly, I hear higher decibels from the girls room.  Generally, I don’t interfere because I think that they should sort out their differences on their own.  And there are times, when the arguments are silly and over some stupid topic.  That’s why, I try to keep away. 

Even after some time, when the voices didn’t reduce, I went to their room.  Just as I entered, I heard the elder one scolding the younger one and the younger one was almost to tears.  So, I told my elder, that what she is doing is not correct.  But even before I could finish the sentence, the younger one came for her sister’s rescue.  And suddenly the tables turned – the sisters vs their mom.  Now, I looked like a Big Fool.  Lesson learnt – Never interfere when siblings are arguing.  Only when they try to hit at each other, should you interfere.

As the girls keep growing, I don’t think that I can sit quietly telling myself, that my job as a mother is done with. Such a thought has never come to any mother in this world.  However grown up the children be, the mother always tries to solve problems for them.  As everyone of you would have experienced, I also have my mom, advising me for something or other, even today.  Its an inherent part of being a mother – always thinking for the betterment of her children.

At this juncture, I want to tell you all about this wonderful movie – “Because I said so”.  I like Diane Keaton, who has donned the mother’s role, in this movie.  This movie shows how a mother interferes in her daughter’s life, in fixing a boy friend for the daughter. Its hilarious and very thought provoking too.


I am drained…

Being tagged by Swaram to list out the 10 things that me drain me out emotionally, I sat to think….  And I thought a lot.  Finally, came up with this list, which also makes me the person, that is ME !!!

  1. I generally keep up with the time promised by me. So, when people fix up a time for appointment, I expect them to keep it up. If they are delayed due to justifiable reasons, I’ll also expect them to call and inform. When people delay without informing and make me wait for long hours, it totally drains me out emotionally. Let her wait, What else has she got to do ? —  This attitude unnerves me !!
  2. I am the kind of person, who values opinions very much.  If I ask anyone for suggestions or opinions, I greatly value them and consider them before taking my decision. Similarly, my opinions are not let out, unless people ask for it (Even my S).  And when some people ask for it purposefully and snub me on my face, for the opinion given, it drains me out emotionally !!!
  3. When people I know, happen to pass by me and ignore me completely when I wish them, it just gets to my nerves.
  4. After starting this Tupperware business, I have understood one thing.  I don’t expect people to buy from me, just because they are my friends. I take great care to make sure that my friendship doesn’t interfere with my business. My friends should buy the product for the worthiness of the product and not because of my friendship with them.  So, when my Tupperware Manager tells me to make my friends order Tupperware products, to reach the target value for a week, I am totally upset with her.
  5. When any of my friends or relatives call me and I am unable to take their call, I make sure that I call them back and apologise.  But why is it there are people out there, who don’t respond to the call you made or never returns your call ????  This gives me a feeling that they are trying to ignore me.  And if that person is close to my heart, I go for a toss.
  6. Children doing tantrums are quite common. I don’t blame the child. Its the responsibility of the parents to instill some sense into the child, when the behaviour is at its worst.  When the child is behaving badly, throwing tantrums in a public place and the parents stand there and look through, it is something I just can’t digest.  At least, the parents should feel responsible and apologise if the child has hurt somebody in the process. These parents who take things for granted, when it concerns their kids, drain me emotionally.
  7. There are these doctors around us, who make us do all sorts of tests, even for a simple fever / cough / cold / stomach ache /head ache symptom.  They just dont understand how much they play with the emotions of the person involved. Instead of helping the person recover from the illness, the doctors depress the people more, just by scaring the life out of us.  How can I trust those doctors, who emotionally drain me ????
  8. When the telemarketing people keep on calling again and again, even after refusing the offer politely for the first time, I am absolutely drained emotionally.
  9. There are one more sect of people, who can’t mind their manners when they visit somebody for the first time. They just go around the house, inspecting everything on display and commenting on it too. They go into the kitchen uninvited, open fridge and drink water on their own. One lady, even had the audacity to take an apple from my fruit basket without asking me and cut it, give to her child and eat it also.  Such people are on my list of non-invitees and they get on my nerves too much.
  10. Finally, this is to all the people who keep themselves, their homes, their surroundings totally unclean.  I get totally annoyed with unhygienic people, as I am a great cleanliness freak. Things might be lying here and there, in my home, sometimes. But my home is never unclean.  I am scared shit to even visit those people, who don’t have cleanliness in their dictionary.

WOW, That was not too difficult, I think.  So far, I’ve been blogging about things I like, enjoy and am greatly passionate about.  With this blog, I’ve brought balance to my blogs by talking about things that irritate / upset / emotionally drain me.

I hate these questions …..

Yesterday, I had been to the bank, to update my passbook. The man in the counter smiled at me and started making small talk with me. I didn’t mind the questions which were out of my personal sphere. Then came the – Is your husband working with ….. ? What is he, in that company ? Here I am, trying to answer those questions with all the patience in the world, while he was waiting for the printer to print my account details. I was praying for the printing to be done fast, as I know the next question that was to be thrown at my direction.

Madam, Do you work ? — Now, what kind of question is that ? I hate this question pointed at me. I get up at morning 5.15am, start packing my girls’ lunch boxes as they leave at 6.45am. Then comes an array of chores like breakfast for me and S, lunch box for S, laundry, buying things for the house, banking, baking (some days), handle the maid, evening snack for the hungry girls, dinner and the list is sometimes endless. I try and catch up with my favourite Nigella’s shows in between, if possible. While I slog around the house so much, I don’t take it kindly to answer that question – Do you Work ? Should I answer a NO, I don’t work – to this stupid question.

Just because he happened to be the person who helps me during long queues in the bank, I nodded my head both ways – up and down and side to side, totally confusing him. While he looked at me eagerly waiting for the answer, I took the passbook and escaped a verbal answer to him.

Are you employed somewhere ? sounds much better.

Another question that makes me really really irritable is – Are you a housewife ? I am totally angered by the way this society forms words in English – housewife???? grrrrrrr. To which I normally answer, I am a homemaker.

If you take up any application form in this country, there will be Name, Address. And under the heading Occupation, there will be options which has to be ticked. Options available are Employed, Housewife, Student, Others. When there is an option for employed, let the other option be Unemployed – Why degrade the 24*7 working women with a word like housewife ???? I generally choose the Others category and write Homemaker in the space provided.

If a man stays at home taking care of the house and kids, will he be branded as house husband ????? Maybe, yes, in India.

I prefer the stay-at-home Mom / Dad tag much much better than this stupid housewife thing which I am living with.

What are the questions which repel you from answering ? Do you get irritated like me ?????

Happiness Journey

As per my blogosphere friend’s request, here I am, blogging about the journey of Happiness through different stages of life – as understood from Dr Deepak Chopra.

Dr Deepak Chopra specialised in internal medicine and was practising in California, before he took up Ayurveda. Further, he started concentrating more on the mind – body connections and advocates self-awareness and meditation as primary factors in both illness and healing.

There is this show in NDTV Good Times called “Happiness – A Journey with Deepak Chopra” which greatly appealed to me. And, this show is aired on Mondays & Saturdays 7.30 pm IST. Generally, 7.30pm shows in NDTV GT are about yoga, meditation and the alternate methods for peace and health.

In this series, Dr DC talks about finding happiness in various aspects of life like – love, work, death etc. The thoughts shared were simple, yet carried a profound meaning to it. I’ll try my level best to remember Dr DC’s thoughts and write them down.

  • There can 101 ways to beat stress like meditation, swimming, yoga and many more. But the most powerful ones are those times spent with your friend / spouse / partner doing some activity, where MONEY is not involved. Play a game of tennis or badminton, walk a few miles – any activity with a buddy is sure a great stress buster. When money is not involved, it brings in great happiness to play with friends and hence greater relief from stress.
  • As Lord Krishna advocates in his Bhagvad Gita, an employee also should live the life of KARMA YOGI. It means that – Just keep doing the work about which you are passionate about, but don’t await the outcome of your work. If you love what you are doing, then the end result should never matter to you. Great musicians, artists have all created wonders – but never with the intention of selling and making money. If it happens later as a gradual process, then learn to accept it. But, the point is, Be passionate about your work, Work more passionately, Never think about the outcome. By living the life of Karma Yogi in the work place, the employee is totally satisfied – you can never find a more satisfied and happy human being at work.
  • The human body is made of matter, as are all the things in this earth. So, why do we think that the human body is destroyed after death ? Matter can never be destroyed. It just exists in different forms. By thinking that the person who died, is existing in this earth in some other form, will bring in some serenity to the mind. Its all in the mind – what you make your mind to think, is what you’ll feel later.
  • When two people meet and talk, each person starts to exist in the conscience of the other. This kind of communication through the conscience is very powerful and intent. It also helps in feeling the other person’s presence, even when they are not near us. This feeling is a great happiness contributor, when the other person meets with death.

Dr DC’s thoughts and expressions were many more, which I am having trouble in bringing them to memory. Once, I do it, I’ll be sure to write them also.

Finally, our happiness is within us. Nothing outside can affect this happiness within. We are responsible for our own happiness. How we react to situations, how we work passionately, how we treat our friends, how are we treated by our enemies – anything and everything should not affect our inner happiness.