Happy birthday, my sunshine girl <3

Her smiling face is her passport
To all the good things that comes her way!
Her perseverance is her guiding light
To those amazing things that make up her life!

Her vivacity
The josh to live life on her own terms
Standing up for what she thinks is right
Her fiercely independent nature
Gives her the glow of joy of living!

She enthralls her group of friends
With her laughter
Lame jokes
And a great zeal for doing things!

Her clarity of thought
On things to do
On her studies
And way beyond too
Makes me so damn proud of her!

And this is the best time to thank God
For bringing her into my life
Through me
As she is the sunshine
Which I need everyday, to be!  

Happy birthday, my sunshine girl ❤


Day 28 – The hug in memory

When you hug me tight
With your nose pressed against my neck
When the hands so warm
Go around me in embrace
I lock that moment
Of love from me to you
And you to me
In my memory forever.

And when I feel low
Or when I’m going slow
When the heart misses your presence
And I keep telling your name in resonance
Or keep talking about your childish deeds
And laugh about it too with tears indeed
I open up that locked memory
And remember that hug and your fragrance.

It might not be a great thing
It’s just a memory
But it’s very potent in its ability
To make me feel better instantly
And the low phase vanishes
The smile spreads
It’s a good thing I did
To lock that hug in memory.

Till the time I see you again
And get another hug to lock it in
This one inside me
Will keep me going strong.

Oh yeah…I miss you baby
But your smile and you being happy
Makes me feel complete here.
You’ve become so strong
So confident of your ways
The ability to adapt and change
The way you put your foot down
For things you believe so strong
And how you give in
For friends who really mean
The way you are learning
The subjects of your choice
Is indeed a proud moment
Which I’ll cherish forever.

Month of ramblings

Day 21 – Lazy Sunday Food Ramblings

Oh yeah…its the ramblings month and it’s already evening as I sit to type my post for today. Too much of work, but no complaints either. Am enjoying this busy schedule of work and in between making time to write a few sentences for my girls or about my girls.  20 days are done with…sigh…how did I even do it ??  When Shail started it, I was very tempted. After all, which blogger wouldn’t be interested to revive a blog that has slowed its postings.  But I was scared to take the step forward as my work schedules were not in my hand till the last minute and I may not have internet access to write a post. I wondered. Suddenly, I plunged in with the confidence of the WordPress app on my phone. It is quite tedious to type and post using the phone, but there is a possibility there and I started blogging for the ramblings month.

Sometimes, this is what I tell my girls too, that just think of something and take a plunge or take the first step. Trust that you’re going to do it and it’ll work out fine.

pic 1

Today being Sunday, I love to get up a little late – you know just roll in for that extra time even after being awake.  And when my younger one was in school, I always plan something special for Sundays. Either it’ll be poori-aloo / masala dosa with sambar & chutney – something she’ll love.  She has so many specifications when it comes to making her fav dish. Potato fry has to be made in the same way always – there should be no change in recipe. She doesn’t like if curry leaves or coriander is added to sambar or curd rice or coconut chutney.  Rasam should have garlic in it, as a rule.  All vegetables which can be fried like potato, bhindi, yam, arbi, cauliflower are her favorite ones.  She likes a few other vegetables too but not too keen to go for a second helping.  Once when she was very young, I made her peel the arbi to do the fry.  When her hands become gooey because of arbi’s slimy nature after boiling, she was getting very irritated. She said, “See Ma, when I grow big, I’m going to design a arbi peeling machine and it will make work easy” 😀 ha ha…she didn’t even venture near science to design that machine.  And how cutely she’ll say that she wants to become a “Cooker” when she grows up, instead of saying Chef !! 😀

And today when I made bhindi fry and Vengaya vetha kuzhambu (a tangy spicy stew kind of sambar minus the dal using onions), I’m thinking of that little girl of mine who is sitting miles away in her hostel room and thinking “Why this Ma is making bhindi when I’m not there at home?” – “I know you darling, I can read your mind miles away too and I miss you terribly” 😛

It’s always food that connects me with my girls.  It helps in forming such a wonderful bond among us that we talk about this dish and that dish which I made years back or the muffins I had baked for her friends – the connectivity is food.

Once my MIL was talking about how she has never made the Aappam (the dosa made like a cup) – you see, she is very forgetful off-late.  My younger one immediately reminded her paati that she had made Aappam on a particular Republic day, 7 or 8 years back. I was astounded by this food memory.

And today when the elder one ate the bhindi fry and vetha kuzhambu, she just licked her hand and said “Ma, you’re the best” !  Sigh…that’s what I said to my mom too…
And also my patti, as she used to make delicious sweets and savouries during festival times. And we used to exchange the sweets and savouries with friends and relatives.  And me and my sister never used to touch the ones which the neighbors or others give us.  We were proud of what our patti made for us and we relished it so much. We were and still are staunch loyalists of our patti and for us, she is the best cook for the sweets and savouries.

Somehow, food memories give such comfort and I feel so cuddly now. I think I need to talk to my mom asap 😀
And I also need to plan for dinner 😉

Month of ramblings