Let the light in!

I recently got a tulsi plant for my home. Even though it is placed rightly in the balcony where there will be plenty of light for the plant, I am looking at it in wonder as it tries to grow out through the grill of the balcony. The light just outside of the grill is too bright than what is inside it and the plant is trying to reach for it. I am just amazed at these ways of nature – to always reach up to a higher level in the most gentle way.

And when a sapling grows into a beautiful tree like the one above, it doesn’t abandon or block the light that gave it the life it needed when it was young. Rather, it lets the light in and allows the light to shine through the leaves, flowers, fruits, and branches! It can result in such dreamy pictures from a nature lover’s point of view. But letting the light in is such a beautiful concept for any person to include in their routine too.

What we use in our childhood to become better beings – those habits, those people who inspire us, those passions – let them all into your life again and again and see your life glow!



Clouds, Sun…Nature – Sunday ramblings!

The cloud lover that I am, there are hundreds of pictures in my phone that are just blue skies, white clouds, drama filled sunrises and sunsets, patterns and shapes by clouds which I keep clicking from time to time. Its only when my phone keeps sending me notifications to clear the clutter, that I realize the number of pictures I had clicked!

Then, I do the simple task of moving all the pictures from the phone to the laptop and still continue with the phone clicks – its a cycle!

This video expresses the joy when I go for my walks especially when the sun accompanies me with such beauty! Who wouldn’t mind this company?! 😀

Note : Pls watch the video tilting your screen or your neck 😉 Oops !

I also feel that it is a blessing that I have this space to walk and I get to watch such amazing sunsets and cloud formations!

Now that makes me wonder – how I view the sunrise or the sunset is just a small perception of what it actually is!

I am just seeing this huge ball of fire from my small balcony through the gap between these two buildings – that is my vision or my perception! In reality, it is different. I am this small living being standing among millions of others while the sun stands humongous and warms each and every cell on this earth. It makes me realize the speck of dust that I am!

Every time I travel to Tirupati, I feel the same at that toll place, where we need to get out of the vehicle and stand away while the vehicles are checked. That is the place where I feel like an ant next to the mountains standing large around me. Once you reach the mountain top, that feeling vanishes for all you see around you is people.

I think we can feel the same when in the presence of such vast presence of nature which reiterates that it is the constant and we are just passing through. That should give us something to ponder on!

Sunday musings – God dwells inside us…

With the birth of the Tamil month Karthigai, there begins the feverish activity all around the southern states, where people decide to take up the 48 days viratham before going to take darshan of the Lord Ayappan at the end of this mandala. Those people who undertake the viradham wear the customary mala around their neck and wear black or blue colored dress.

This year is special at my place, as my husband has taken up this viratham for the first time. And I keep hearing to the dos and don’ts during this period of 48 days. This period is actually a preparation time for the devotees to take up the difficult path via the jungles to reach the Ayappan shrine in Sabarimala. The walking of barefoot, restricting food intakes to two meals per day, sleeping on the floor are a few things that might look like the luxuries of life are being given up. Devotees abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking, usage of curse words and other activities which are considered a vice.

There is a saying that anything that is done consistently for 21 days becomes a habit. And when something is done for 48 days, it becomes a way of life. And then I wonder how these people, who have made it their way of life for these 48 days, leave all this and go back to their vices after the darshan of the God!

In all these days of observing these people, I noticed that they call each other as “Sami” meaning God. And everyone is treated with the utmost respect during this viratham days.

There is also a viratham for people to go to Melmaruvathur Adi Parasakthi temple. And here everyone is called “Sakthi”. Here also people treat other devotees with utmost respect, during the viratham days.

Even to the primitive mind, this will strike a chord that the God dwells in each and every human. And this is not restricted only to the viratham days – God is inside each one of us always. While people call each other Sami or Sakthi, during these viratham days and then later spew enmity at each other after visiting the temple, just proves their constricted thinking or rather no thinking at all.

The terms used to call others are not for just showoff during viratham days. It’s a direct implication to the God (conscience / supreme power) inside every human being.

Let us open our minds to accepting that each one of us needs to respect the other person irrespective of this viratham.