My “go to spot” at home!

This is the view from my kitchen window, which faces the western sky!
And this is my favorite spot at home!

I stand here, watching the clouds swim by while I wash vessels.
I occasionally take my cutting board with vegetables and stand near the window!
I stand there to sip coffee.
I try to fill bottles with drinking water standing and staring at the blue sky!
I watch the moving clouds as I drink water.
I try to take my calls in my kitchen, where I sit on the kitchen top and still can watch the clouds.
I stand there to feel the gentle breeze on me.
I don’t need any reason to stand in my favorite spot but I guess I like making up the reasons 😃

Spread the glow

The other day, S was trying to reverse the car in a narrow street and a large truck was just behind our car. The driver was so good to reverse his heavy vehicle giving way for us and even guiding S as to how much he can reverse safely! Here’s to that person who was glowing with goodness!

I happened to hear about a vegetable vendor who sells vegetables pushing a cart on the streets and who makes it a point to give vegetables, on a daily basis, to a NGO as charity. Here’s to his goodness which glows bright as those golden hued clouds!

There are friends of mine, so close to my heart – who think of the silly me with this huge love for clouds, sun, moon, trees, flowers – who send me pics of those things I love, which they clicked thinking about me! Now if that is not glowing in friendship, I don’t know what else it could be! Here’s to those beautiful souls who glow with their act of kindness, love and sharing their joy!


Dec 10 Blog post

As the clouds floated by…

Every morning I sit

On a chair

Claiming my space

In the balcony

Just to stare

As the clouds floated by…

Coffee cup in hand

Fuelling me

Phone in camera mode

To click the drama

As the clouds floated by…

I lost track

Of time and space

When so much

Action took place

As the clouds floated by…

I try to switch off

My ears and all

To focus more

On the visual treat

As the clouds floated by…

Those minutes are precious

For when I get rewarded

By migrating birds

Or a halo around the sun

As the clouds floated by…

As my friend wrote

Am planning

To meditate too

Along with the stares

As the clouds floated by…

Sunday skies!

There cannot be a better time pass than watching those floating clouds above the head. Its wonderful to watch as they change colors and shapes and give me child-like opportunities to play the “I spy” game!

Today’s morning skies are pleasing as the sun is still in hiding 😀

A few mins after I clicked the above picture I saw streaks of orange trying to escape through the gaps in the clouds but couldn’t click as it vanished as quickly as it came. These are the joys I cherish…which is mine alone; those memories of an orange streaked sky for a fleeting moment will be etched forever in memory.

Then I clicked this around 8am. A still in hiding sun does create beautiful cloud patterns…right?

This is how I calm myself – by just staring at the sky. Sometimes I get rewarded by the migrating birds with their flock formation in order.

What better way to chill on a Sunday!

WW – The wonder called sky!

As you are already aware now, I love these sky watching phases during my day. It might be a brief moment in the morning, when I stare through my balcony to see if the sun has risen before me. Or it could be a moment during the day when I casually look up to see if there are black clouds looming around. It could be even be a moment like below, when I caught the glowing western colors on the move, while going for a meeting. I somehow love this click of the sunset, as the colors blend so beautifully to create such lovely shades and the sun adds its lovely evening glow. Sigh.

The following one is a fun picture. The constant looking up at the sky for patterns may yield such results, on a few occasions. While I saw a horse, dog and a bear – one behind the other, there were other friends of mine who lent their imaginary horses to this picture. And I love such cloud pattern based childlike conversations, where we keep looking for different animals or even people.

My dear friends who spent time cloud-watching with me virtually, gave me these responses and I enjoyed and laughed through the whole time.

  • looks more like a seahorse, an alligator and a rhinoceros to me 😂 and they’re dancing. Conga line 😊
  • they could be jet skiing too. 😂looks like they’re standing on one, the seahorse on the handlebar
  • Could be three on a magic carpet. 🤔 alakazam.
  • Spot the opera singer hitting a high note.
  •  ……….on a magic carpet!
  • Crocodile hugging its hatchling and a baby elephant is looking at both of them.
  • I can see a bird too.

Have a great day and look out for cloud patterns 😀



A big white cloud
In the sky
Is no fun for sky-gapers
Like me 😉

Help was requested
To Nature
For sorting
This big cloud situation !

The coconut tree
Offered to help
Used its green branches
To create
A rustle…
In the wind
And there by in the patterns
The resultant effect made me
Jump in glee !