Day 5 – My HERO

Rewind to Dec 1st 2015…The Chennai that got flooded!

Heavy rains lashed on us from evening and was pouring non-stop. Power went off by 11pm. Little did we know that we’ll be off power for the next 15 days.

We couldn’t sleep properly with police sirens and gushing water sounds through the night.

We woke up to a damp and wet morning. No network on phones. No charge either. Peeping out of the balcony gave us a complete shock, as the cars I saw were submerged in water.

I stay in an apartment of 400 flats and we ran down to check the status of our car.

One more shock as we realized the stagnant water at parking was 5ft. Holy God! How did this ever happen!!

My husband S and our neighbor P ventured in the water slowly inching towards the main gate to get more information on this terrible flooded situation.

There S came to know that many senior citizens staying in our apartment wanted to move to safer places but didn’t know how.
That moment another neighbor offered his airbed, if it can be of some help.

That was exactly what S was looking for.

Now S and P jointly helped all the senior citizens to move out of the apartment by making them sit on the airbed and pushed the airbed manually towards the entrance where they were transported via a boat to the nearest pick up point which was accessible by road.

I really didn’t know how many citizens they helped to move out but it was tiring work for 5 days as families deciding to move out increased day by day owing to lack of water, power and many of them were scared to stay alone.

Also S helped in bringing drinking water cans to the apartment for the people who stayed back. He even took lists from He even took lists from people for milk, vegetables and basic medicines and got it all for them.

By the end of 10 days he was so tired of wading through the water so many times…but only physically. His determination to help others was stronger than the physical tiredness he felt.

Till the water drained and we returned to normalcy, S was down helping people.

I’ve appreciated him then but today’s post is an ode to him and his courage and selflessness, as I salute my HERO – my husband!

The Enlightened One


Enlightened ?
Or the Sun In-lightened ?
The cloud is lighted within
Or behind it
By the brilliant sun
Which makes it stand out
Among all others…
Lets absorb this brightness
And shine away to glory!

Wonder Wednesday


I was asked this question
About the reason
To my obsession
Towards clouds and patterns…

What more could I answer?
Than the simple happiness
I get out of gazing at them…
Then clicking them…
And of course sharing them…

The clouds do speak
In ways and patterns
To make me smile…

When I look up to the sky
In awe
A prayer to the above
Sent quietly
For more patterns
And happiness !

Snow-peaked mountains

Snow mountains cloudshow
Snow peaked mountains cloud show

I was absolutely stunned and
Surprised at the
Jaw dropping display
At the Western sky !

What do you see ?

All I could see was
Snow-peaked mountains !!
Oh yeah 😀
Do you see them ??
So what if it’s Chennai ?
So what if it’s hot and humid ?
We take such tiny pleasures
Of snow-peaked mountains
In the City
By such awesome cloud-show !!

A cool breeze
That accompanied me
During the click
Was enough to make me
Feel the snow…sigh !

Its like the God of Clouds
Wants us to be happy
With such patterns
And images to imagine !

All that I can do is click
Write my heart out
And share it with you all !

The bird which posed for me :D

When it rained in Chennai
During the December month
When water filled all the walking path
Stuck at home with boredom high.

And then luckily I found my Nikon
I was happy at my chance on
Started clicking the cars in water
Then I heard this constant chatter

Whoa…two mynahs in the next balcony
Happy that the humans have evacuated the colony
Started posing for me
Have a look at the second one…

I felt like the “Bird lady

bird 1

bird 2

Day 11 – The visionary episode

We had just returned from a trip to Singapore. The whole trip was so amazing and we had such a great time there.  And then we settled for another extended holiday at mom’s place.

I remember very well – it was the day of Chitra Pournami (the full moon day in the Tamil month of Chithirai). When the moon is wonderful and glowing, we always have our dinner in the terrace, under the moonlight. It’s such an amazing experience. Added to the comfort levels were my patti’s amazing hands (its called kai manam in tamil) – those hands had a magic to them. Whatever she touched tasted so delicious that we’ll surely be licking our hands and asking for more.  And when she mixes the simple Thayir sadam (curd rice) and gives a spoonful in our hands, we wait for the customary Maavadu (pickled tiny mangoes) or the Vetha kuzhambu to be poured in the center of the Thayir sadam and we gulp it down very quickly, preparing ourselves for the next round of rice that comes our way. Even thinking and writing about it makes me miss my patti and her delicious food !

**Pardon for wandering into Patti stories – couldn’t help it**

And on this particular Chitra Pournami, me and my two little ones (the younger one was three years), my sister, brothers, dad and mom were all there to feast on what my patti was going to feed us in our hands.

My mom’s place was in the second floor and we had to climb two more floors to reach the terrace. We took all the necessary food, pappad, water, towel and started climbing. I was constantly watching the little one, as she is very much prone to get distracted and not see her way.  The staircase was lighted well with tube lights. And we reached the terrace.  The terrace was dark except for the moonlight and what an amazing sight it was.

We had such fun eating under the moonlight. One of the best ever experiences to have in one’s lifetime, is to stare at the stars and moon and that’s the moment when the Universe tells you that you are absolutely insignificant compared to the size of the stellar bodies. Its such a humbling experience.

I was also constantly showing the girls the different constellations all the while feeding them.  The elder one managed to eat on her own, but the little one was finding it difficult to take the rice in her hand and gulp it too.

After we were done with eating and relaxing, we started to get down for home slowly.  It was getting late and we wanted to hit the bed.

The moment we went to the stair case landing, the little one said, “Now, I can see you clearly Ma”. I was shocked.  When I asked her “Didn’t you see me clearly in the terrace?”, she said No.  She even said that she couldn’t see properly in the night lamp in the bedroom, because it was dark for her. And she just assumed that even we cannot see in the night lamp light and never told me before about it.

It was a rude shock to me. We rushed to the ophthalmologist the next day and found that she needed corrective glasses.  She still wears them.

But that moment when she said with such clarity about not being able to see me in the terrace helped me to take her to the doctor and get the problem sorted out.

Month of ramblings

Microblog Mondays: Addicted, I say !


Oh my !! Its the winter skies
Brilliant with cloud patterns
And beautiful hues
That take my breath away
Every morning, day after day
And then the sunsets too !!

As I stand in wonder
In that balcony of mine
My mind calms and the soul wakes up
Its this moment that I wait for everyday
That keeps me going the whole day !!

Then it hits me…
This moment needs to be captured
In lens too.
So that I can tell all those people
Of the amazing sunrise that started off the day !

And so the fingers dance over the tiny keyboard
On that outdated mobile
Instantaneously shared
Without any filter
Of course, on Instagram 😀

Oh yes…it’s out there for the world to see
The sunshine pics and my happiness !
Its a routine now, everyday…
What else to call it ??
Addicted, I say !




The Purple Umbrella

purple umbrella

A starry night or a rainy one
The predictions seemed to favor the latter one
Going out was going to be fun
With that Purple Umbrella of mine.

I generally hate carrying umbrellas in hand
And neither in bags as they peep out
I used to prefer the pink raincoat
Than that Purple Umbrella of mine.

But that day was different
It was the day to stock up before the rains
And I chose to keep the raincoat aside
Went out with that Purple Umbrella of mine.

I kept looking up at the sky
To see if the stars turned into raindrops…
There was a moment I paused to buy
Down came the sharp cold drops of water
That I opened up that Purple Umbrella of mine.

The downpour was heavy
As we waded through watery pools
But we both kept our heads dry
Under the Purple Umbrella of mine.

The shyness in him melted away
At the touch of the icy rain drops
The mood was absolutely romantic
Under the Purple Umbrella of mine.

And his arm went over my shoulders
In a tight hug
That meant and professed a love that is infinite
Beneath that Purple Umbrella of mine.

We walked together under the dry cover
With steps that synchronized with laughter
And heavens blessing with the rains
Over the Purple Umbrella of mine.

That ten minutes of walking together
Is the best I can remember
And I keep giving myself a pat on my back
For taking that Purple Umbrella of mine.

Midnight Mind-ings

This is such a rare moment I’m facing here with my thoughts. Generally, I will be furiously hitting over the keyboard in an attempt at expressing the analytical, critical, logical, weird, crazy waves that go through my mind. But, for the past few days, there has been innumerable moments of EUREKA for a post idea…sigh…which never materialized.

And now, tonight, as we stay awake to watch the Sachin Vs Warne match, all that my mind could think of is the utter neglect my blog is facing, at my hands. I feel for you, my buddy…all is not lost with the blogger in me ! Just keep up the hope…its just a matter of time that I may even attempt a NaBloPoMo and you’ll be surprised at my blogging speed 😀

So, some random thoughts, as there is no particular purpose to this post.

  • Saw the “Martian” – amazing ! Whatta story and what a beautiful way to picturize it. Life on Mars – there’ll be a day to experience it !
  • Its raining on and off in Chennai and not as the meteorological department predicted. They said non-stop rains for 3 days and all we saw was a drizzle. The result is excessively sweaty days in November…can’t believe this !  The only consolation is the beautiful cloud formations, the awesome twilight colors over which my lens is feasting 😀
  • This Diwali is not so interesting for me, as I’m missing my both my girls at home ! I’ve had many wonderful cracker filled Diwalis before they were born. But after the post of Mother, things have certainly changed to include the girls in everything. Now, they being away in the hostel sort of makes me feel bleh. But of course, this too shall pass, for me. May be I’ll start enjoying the festivities as before, just for myself and my happiness.
  • Finally caught up with Bahubali on Set Max. Wanted to watch on the big screen. But missed it. Sigh…I know…I know…the CGI effects are too good on big screen.  I thereby promised myself that I’ll catch Part 2 first day first show…ha ha…let’s see 😀
  • In an effort to search for something, I pulled out half of my wardrobe out of the shelves…sigh. Now, tomorrow is tough day ahead in sorting them out !! Of course, I didn’t find what I was searching for !! What did you think ?? 😉  I know it is quite safe in some place 😀
  • I want to have a girly girly meet with friends and laugh my head out…anyone game ?? 😀
  • Been on a reading spree too – Memoirs of a Geisha, Two fates, a silly romance novel – feeling good about it.  And the best thing is I’m reading a Tamil short story collection and it is AWESOME 🙂 Its called “aram” meaning “that which is morally right / just”. All stories are real ones which make it all the more interesting to read about such wonderful people who stayed on the track of what is morally right. The author Jayamohan has done a brilliant job. Even though it took me some time to start again with reading Tamil, its going great !

Do you hear any crunching noise ?? Its me munching biscuits – mid-night snack 😀 😛 I’m hungry as hell…ha ha…but that’s to be expected when I’m awake at this hour !

So, what have you been up to ?? Anything interesting from your side ??

I’ll leave you with a favorite picture of mine. This Shiva statue and his associate Nandi is so beautiful and can be found en-route to Kanchipuram from Chennai.

Shiva and Nandi