Cars for TC !!!

CARS – The theme for today’s TC !!! I don’t have great car pics, but decided do a assorted ones of what I have !!!


The very very old model Ambassador Taxi – on the roads of Kolkatta !!!


The Taxis of Kolkatta

Here’s one of my favs. Our first car – the car for the Happy Family in India – the Maruti 800. We loved it and were thrilled to go in this all around the city.


Our first love

And then we have changed our car so many times. We even had this one at some time….


One of my fav pics...

And now, we have the one, which you can see in my DP !!! 🙂

But, here is the distant dream of my daughter….a Jaguar !!! Oh, of course, it was a Mercedes Benz sometime back….now its this….dont know what we might end up buying….when she is big. 🙂 🙂

The Jaguar C-X75 - Distant dream for the elder one !!!