Your wish will be granted !

This is amazing but true ! These true incidents which I want to share, have changed my thinking a lot. Let me explain these experiences first.
Srini, my wonderful husband, is so lovable, caring and a great person to be with. And he always
makes sure that our daughters get the quality time with him, even though the work pressure is
very high for him. But the past 1 year has been highly hectic for Srini and he was very much into official work all 24 * 7.
Even though he took great efforts to spend the same quality time with the girls, the workload was getting into his personal time also. When we did go out during weekends, Srini was constantly being called on the phone ( Dont u think that this mobile phone has snatched quality family moments from us ?). Even though the girls didnt mind or notice this, I was feeling very unhappy about the situation.
I wanted the situation to change – I wanted Srini to have more leisure time to spend with our girls, as it was before this high work pressure.
It was a Saturday and I was talking aloud my thoughts to my friend. I wished loudly ( for the whole world to hear ?) and prayed sincerely for it to happen.
Sunday morning – I got up early and had made idly, sambar and chutney for breakfast. I was
waiting for Srini and the girls to wake up so that we can have breakfast together.
MIRACLE – Srini wakes up, comes to me and says “If u have made breakfast, just pack it. Wake
up the girls, we’re going for a long drive. We can stop the car on the way, and have breakfast in a
natural surrounding.” I was so happy. I thanked the whole universe for listening to my loud wish which was granted to me in a day. Things have changed a lot after wishing aloud and I am happy to tell u that we have many quality family moments, as before.
2nd experience.
This is about a person who stays in my apartment. I know her for sometime. Whenever we meet, we used to talk well and share a lot of things. But because she’s working, more interaction was not possible between us. Generally we meet during our evening walks.
But suddenly, I noticed a change in her. She was not talking to me like before. Even though this
didnt bother me so much, I really wished to know the reason behind this sudden change. And
surprisingly, I got a Hi5 request from her.
Now, I again did the same thing – I wished loudly for things to change.
MIRACLE – Two days later, I met her in a shop nearby, and she couldn’t stop talking to me. She
went on and on about the things that are happenning and kindly enquired about me and my
family. I am happy and surprised.

What does these experiences teach me ? I thought so much and this is what I’ve realised :- When u wish aloud – it reaches to all the corners of this universe. And all the elements in this
universe and the people around u make it happen for u.
I think this is all to do with positive vibes around u. Instead of sulking about a situation and always talking about the wrong / bad things happening to u, talk about the change u wish for. Talk about the positive things that u want to happen in ur life. Talk loudly – either to yourself or find somebody to talk to. I can assure u that the whole world will conspire to grant u the wish.

Christmas at home

Oh gosh ! Doesn’t it look beautiful ? I am so thrilled to have put up the first christmas tree at home. My daughters are so happy, but the idea is by Srini. I hope that the tree will become bigger and bigger in the years to come as we start collecting more danglings.

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Cooking is my way !

Cooking, for me, is a passion. And it is passionate perfection, too. Even if I am preparing a dish for the first time, I would go to great ends to make the dish come out extraordinarily well. And that too, if cooking is done with love for the loved ones at home, it really shows in the dishes u prepare. It shows in the way the food is eaten – finger licking good. I love all these emotions that go thru me – happy and singing while cooking, the snug satisfaction while inspecting the garnished dish, the proud way it is being served on table, the happiness on the face of my loved ones, the greedy looks asking for more – oh, what better way to be happy, satisfied, proud all at the same time.
I think I am really gifted to have got this knack of learning a dish, if I see it being prepared. I can remember the ingredients and the way the dish takes shape. And I revel in the feeling when I recreate the same dish at home.
Previously, I used to invent myself in our south indian cooking styles. But as the days r changing and my girls r demanding, I’ve also learnt to make burgers, pizzas, cakes, cookies, noodles … the list is endless. The perfection process continues in all these dishes too.

Now a days cooking has one more hat to don, other than helping in filling stomachs. Its a superb stress buster. My husband, Srini, whose work pressures are very high, tries to cook on weekends, to relieve himself from the heavy work loads. Put it as THERAPEUTIC, people will be more interested in cooking.
But I dont like being in the kitchen for long hours. Decide the menu, be prepared with the ingredients, just go into the kitchen and create magic.
mmmmmm…. I want to bake cookies today, what do u want to cook?

What is ur dream ?

The life cycle of my DREAM –
18 yrs – I feel on top of the world, as I had finished my Diploma course as a topper, best student of the year, got a job offer even before my diploma certificate – is there anything else I want? Nope, I am too happy with the way life was leading me. I sincerely hope to complete my engg graduation in 2 years time. My life’s ambition now is to join with software giant, MICROSOFT. Not a bad goal, right ?

19 yrs – Applied for engg graduation. I’ve to free myself from the work pressure and go and attend the evening classes – but alas, not one class happens. I am disappointed at myself for not taking the classes seriously. The exams come and go, without me in it. Next year, I’ll surely do it.

20 yrs – I can actually put a ditto here – for I failed with myself for not completing my graduation. I punished myself hard, but no vain.

21 yrs – The job is boring – rather I want to do something else – this is not what I wanted in life. The graduation part not happening, I wanted to change job or do something irrational (exaggeration) in my life. I fell ill, which is the reason I chose to resign from job.

23 yrs – Change of job. Now into a software company, I thought I’ll realise my dream – MICROSOFT. I kept working hard, learning all the possible things on the way. I was happy with the way things were happening.

24 yrs – What is this ? Here comes my Prince on a horse and just carries me away !!! I am engaged and married within a matter of 6 months. Now what happens to my dream? Am I happy to have found a good partner in life or am I sad that my dream has taken a side seat now ? Dream on hold, for now.

26 yrs – Mother of two girls, resigned from job as there is no full-time support at home. OK, where is my dream ? I have left it somewhere in my suitcase, during the process of motherhood. Don’t lose ur dream – I am telling myself – u can pursue it when the girls r big enough.

27 – 30 yrs – In a feeble attempt to protect my dream or actually the person I was when I was working, I did a lot of things. To keep my mind from wandering into nonsense jungle that surrounds us, I did a lot of things – glass paintings, stitching to name a few. I didn’t want lose ME- the person I wanted to be, when I was young.

31 yrs – Very tough year in my life – I was left alone to handle my girls, my ailing mil – my hubby was in another city as he couldn’t get a transfer. I’ve cried so many lonely nights – whats happening to my life ? I am so and so for lot of people, but I am not what I wanted to do.

I am searching for the suitcase which had my dream – but the suitcase itself is missing.

32 yrs to till now – I am now in Hyd – away from my dream suitcase now. I feel free to do something else with my life. I’ve changed in the process of shifting, I feel. Actually the change has happened all along, which I was unable to see. This change is what makes u a family person, first. The priorities in life have gone for a total revamp. My dream suitcase is in the loft of my brain, safely secured. The suitcase has done its job – it has kept me going in times of despair – in maintaining my sanity and now its gone to its proper place. My daughters are my dream now. Their dreams are my vision, my goal. I am striving very hard to assist them in whatever they do – GOD, LET MY GIRLS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS.

Found my long lost friends !

I am on the net, 8.30am, in the site of bsnl chennai enquiry. Trying to locate a phone no is no big deal, using the bsnl enquiry, if u know a name or address. But without knowing both name or address, I am desperately looking into all the names and phone nos, which might resemble my need of the hour.
Let me clear the cloud. I am looking out for my friends, Janaki and Meenakshi, with whom I’ve spent many a wonderful day, while all of us were schooling at Childrens Garden School, Mylapore. I just remember their house too well – a two storeyed house – joint family – two brothers occupying the two floors. I can go to their house even now, I remember its exact location, the bus route – so many things, except the house no. The street name is vaguely coming back to memory, but is that enough to search for them on the net ? GOD help me.
Now, I cannot search in my friend’s name, for they’ll be married and gone to their own houses. So what’s my friends’ father’s name ? I search my entire memory, in vain.
OK, next option, search for some house no and the street name, which i think is right.
Now, I’ve a big list in my screen, from which I just cant decide on which number should I call.
First I was confused – then I focussed my brain and decided on a few names which sounded like Hindu names.
Now, the first call – one uncle answered telling me he was quite new to that area. He cannot be the person I am looking for, as my friends are in that house of their own since the 1980s, as far as I know.
Second,third, fourth call – disappointment – they dont know anybody called Janaki or Meenakshi.
Dear GOD, Will I find them ? Actually, I am having this passionate urge to talk with them for quite sometime, and its only today I’ve actually made an effort.
Fifth call – BINGO ! The person who answered was Janaki’s father, who was quite helpful and gave me the mobile nos of my friends.
And when I called Meenakshi, she was stunned, surprised, happy – exactly returning my feelings. And Janaki, she just couldn’t believe its me, but was very very happy. And now we decide to KEEP IN TOUCH. It matters a lot, as u get older.

Schools & Homework

Every road in this country has got a school. That’s great ! Isn’t it? Education has reached everywhere. But has it reached in the proper way ? Every school seems to commercially oriented instead of focussing on the overall development of the child.
First of all, I feel that schools should impart education in such a way, that the child doesn’t forget it for his lifetime. The teaching methods should be playful, involve the children and improve their thinking capabilities – make them more creative. Here, things taught in the first term are not remembered in the final term. Every lesson is done in such a hurry, the child just learns the answers mechanically. No purpose is achieved nor any knowledge gained – but the lesson is done with. What kind of education system is this ?
Importance should be given to homework – because I feel that the children should try out things on their own – a test of understanding for the things taught at school. But HOMEWORK SHOULD NOT BECOME LIFE.
Now a days, Homework and Tuition have become a way of life. After school hours, playing is essential to refresh the mind. Instead the child slog it out with homework. If every teacher gives a certain amount of homework everyday, just imagine the child’s stress of doing everything in one evening. The poor child doesn’t even get to see the sunset. WHERE’S THE TIME TO PLAY? ARE WE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION IN EDUCATING OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS ?

Exam tensions !

EXAMS – This word has never made my feel queasy. I’ve always been a person to take things easily – atleast where exams are concerned. My parents never had the time to spend for our studies; they were both busy working to take care of our needs. So, I learnt on my own – both to study and plan ahead. And this is what I am teaching my children now. Try and study whenever a lesson is done, understand it perfectly, then u dont need to break your head during exams.


After you read and understand the text, it is important to connect what u’ve read with everyday happenings. This way you’ll remember better. After the connection is done, revise once again. Then close ur eyes and visualise what u’ve read. All the text goes thru in front of your eyes. That shows its etched in memory, because u’ve connected it with your worldly happenings, you’ll not forget it also. Also, keep your cool on the day of your exam and dont read on that morning. Relax, close ur eyes and visualise. Please follow this and I am sure your child’ll be relaxed even during exams.

As I am greatly benefitted by following this myself, I thought I’ll tell the whole world about it.

Whatever you become in your life is not based on the marks you get as a student and not every student should become a engineer or a doctor or an IT professional. In today’s world, u can survive by doing things what you’re passionate about.

All about growing up !

Have u ever thought about going back to ur childhood ??? Oh ! I have, and so many times after I’ve got married. Such wonderful childhood days – no worries, no commitments, no need to break ur head on financial matters. Whatever u need, just tell ur parents or grand parents and it’ll be done. Even though it gives me great pleasure to get things for my girls, there are times when u secretly wish to travel back in time.
I used to walk to school with my sister and on the way, we’ll meet up with friends and we had such fun just walking to school. And never were we pressurised to study hard and join medicine or engg. If we did join, it was done calmly and easily. And one more thing, I’ve NEVER GONE FOR TUTION CLASSES.
But children nowadays, are under more pressure – from the school (the school has to show excellent pass percentages), from the parents (what they couldn’t do, they want their children to do), from peers (the child is critisiced among friends for not performing well). Dont u think that this is all too much for a teenager to handle ? To top it up, they have the adolescence problems to deal with. Girls reach puberty early, and that’s another problem.
Tuition classes has become a must for children of all ages. The school teachers themselves suggest tuitions. Then what for are we sending our children to school ? If the child can learn only in Tuitions, what is the point in attending school ?
Why cant they have a simple childhood like what I had enjoyed ? Am I wrong in thinking like this ?

Life’s little messages

Hello web world,
I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time, but never got the courage to talk about myself to the outside world. But the happenings in my life over the past one and half years has made me into a stressed ball and hence this burstout.
I am now enjoying life, the same way as I did before getting married – before getting into commitment. Now, as I enjoy the status of WIFE and MOTHER, I am also a stupid teenager among my friends. I never expected this phase of life to come back and I am thankful to GOD for this wonderful circle of friends.
I hope to write about the small things in my life but which greatly matter to me, like a HUG from your loved one, a I LOVE YOU from your beloved, a lick from your pet dog etc. I feel these small things are the foundation on which a home with love is built.
My small things in life will continue…