Respite from knee pain

Almost all tamil television channels have this one program as their staple in their morning set of programs, which is the know-how of foods that can be used as medicine. In this program, they talk about the medicinal benefits of vegetables / fruits / grains / roots / plants and how to make concoctions or potions with those things and how they can help us to feel better.

In this program, I had watched the medicinal benefits of drumstick (murungakkai) and how it helps in relieving the pains of the leg and knee. The tender drumsticks need to be boiled in water with a pinch of salt and cumin seeds. These drumsticks need to be eaten along with the skin. The skin should not be discarded as we normally do as this skin holds all the medicinal benefits for relief from leg / knee pain.

I sat watching this program and suddenly remembered my thatha, who used to crush those drumsticks served in sambar, like the machines that suck the juice out of sugarcane. We have smiled and joked among us at the way he attacked the drumsticks; now we realize how much he was benefiting from that drumstick attack. ๐Ÿ˜€

Also, drumstick leaves and flowers are exceptionally good in the treatment of pain in the leg or knee. Its amazing that the nature has given us all the goodness of taste with great medicinal benefits in the simplest of vegetables that we eat.

Here is the recipe of Murungakeerai soup (drumstick leaves soup) made in the most simplest and easiest way! It is delicious and at the same time is loaded with medicinal properties.

Ingredients for the soup: (to serve one person)
Murungakeerai (drumstick leaves) – 1 handful, cleaned and washed
Onion – half an onion cut into cubes or use 3 shallots
Tomato – 1 tomato cut into cubes
Garlic – 2 pods
Pepper – 1/2tsp
Cumin seeds – 1/2tsp

Take a vessel and add the washed drumstick leaves, onion, tomato, garlic, pepper, jeera and add half a glass of water and pressure cook it for 2 whistles.

Then, take it out of the cooker. Blend it. Add salt to taste. Bring it to a boil and switch off. Pour in a cup or a soup bowl to serve. Add a pinch of butter to make it more delicious.

So, are you ready to get relief from knee / leg pain? Just head over to your nearest drumstick tree or the supermarket for a bunch of drumstick leaves.


Little things

There is a “post a picture” for the given prompt in Instagram and many of my friends keep posting beautiful pictures taken by them to meet the prompt.

Today’s prompt in Instagram is Little things!

And suddenly I grabbed it with both the hands as I was wondering what to ramble today. Here is a collection of the little things that mattered to me last week or probably kept me going!

A picture of the sun with coconut trees is the most fav of all, anytime! Just look at the pretty picture the coconut leaves make against the blue backdrop and the brilliant sun that looks subdued yet asserting its brilliance, as always!

This is the book which is keeping me engrossed during all my tea and coffee times! There are many things about Ramayana, which Sita is explaining to me in a beautiful way…absolutely great read!

One more picture that brought me joy is this, made by my niece, about whom am so proud! She always brings a smile when I think of her as to how she is learning things and becoming the little unique lady with a brilliant mind of her own!

And this came as a forward to me from a dear friend and I couldn’t agree more on what it says! Also sharing this with you all and wishing that find the love story that your life is!

This is the post of 21st Feb. Posting it today as I couldn’t post yesterday ๐Ÿ˜€

When you just want to ramble…

I’ve been privy to conversations among the older generation that the menstrual blood is bad blood as it smells! Sigh!

If we look at all the creations around us, everything that is good is not easily visible to the eyes. Its hidden inside something. Or it is present among something that is painful to touch and feel or has a bad odor to it or it might look scary. The nature’s goodness is not always presented on a platter. We have to go through layers of peeling and understanding to reach that beautiful creation by nature.

Maybe its a kind of protection for that goodness.

If we stand outside this Earth, it will stink too – what with all the garbage of the millions of people being thrown into nature; into the earth, into the air! Does that eradicate the fact that there is goodness on this Earth?

Also…all bodily fluids have some odor associated with it. They all carry important clues on the healthiness quotient of our body and they are very important source of diagnosis. But we have all been taught to abhor all these fluids just by the looks and odor. It was never taught at home about the importance of these fluids in our body. It is only when we feel ill, they are even thought about. And that too, it becomes the responsibility of the doctor!

I wonder at the state of mind of our mothers or grandmothers who were taught (made to follow) such things at their impressionable age that considers this menstrual blood as bad and something to stay away from. They were taught not to touch women who are menstruating, not to give them food before any family member eats and other such pathetic rules by which a menstruating women is treated by other women in her same family.

There is this show on television which talks about the 108 sakthi peedams and the foremost among them is the Kamakhya temple in Assam celebrates this menstruating Goddess!ย  So, if this menstruation is something to celebrate as it protected the human beings from becoming extinct, why are we so obsessed in declaring it as bad blood?

Just rambling…

Whatsapp conversations…

I love my whatsapp conversations with my special ones. These conversations are the real ones for me – like in knowing what the other person is thinking about a certain idea or thing or movie…anything!

To me, whatsapp conversations are certainly NOT the mindless forwards which insult the relationship between husband and wife or that propagates fraud (false) news or those that hurt the sentiments of others or those badly made memes based on movie dialogues. I firmly yet politely tell people not to send any forwards to me on whatsapp. I feel it is a waste of time to dwell on those unimportant things when we can use that time to actually talk to another person using that same technology.

During the difficult hospital times of last year, the quiet yet simple messages of hugs and healing wishes from dear ones made me a lot stronger. I felt their presence through their written words in their phone. There were times when I couldn’t talk to people over phone considering the high emotional fever that ran inside me. But these whatsapp conversations helped to calm me down. A kind word soothed me. A prayer lifted me. And I am greatly indebted to all the kindness which was passed on to me.

The conversations with a best friend can be so real especially with all those emoticons; the facial expressions are best expressed with them. Even when we are waiting in a clinic or a queue, these conversations can be continued bringing warmth to the heart.

On any given day, I would prefer a simple “Happy Diwali Uma” on whatsapp to a mindless one minute video of a lamp doing gymnastics with a backdrop of sparklers at the end of which it bursts into a Diwali message!

I always prefer the written wishes – a greeting card done by hand or a whatsapp message typed especially for you, conveys the fondness and love from that person.ย  A forwarded wish can reach hundreds of people spanning over many groups but a single personalized message typed is way too precious for the one who receives it.

So, how are your whatsapp conversations?

Something to ponder…

This is a small excerpt from the book Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

That last line says it all – We must want what they want, not what we want for them!

Also I always remember this by Kahlil Gibran…

The amount of wisdom available on how to treat our children is unlimited. Its there in the form of stories, life experiences, quotes and many more. How much are we learning from these, as parents?

Its high time we let our children be their own and not a shadow of their parents.

Its high time we stop doing things for them thinking it is going to benefit our children.

Its high time we are more open minded to welcome new ideas which our children come across.

Its high time we give our children the space to grow into whatever they want – for it is their life and not ours.

I think that our only responsibility as a parent will be to be present for them always.

Clouds, Sun…Nature – Sunday ramblings!

The cloud lover that I am, there are hundreds of pictures in my phone that are just blue skies, white clouds, drama filled sunrises and sunsets, patterns and shapes by clouds which I keep clicking from time to time. Its only when my phone keeps sending me notifications to clear the clutter, that Iย realize the number of pictures I had clicked!

Then, I do the simple task of moving all the pictures from the phone to the laptop and still continue with the phone clicks – its a cycle!

This video expresses the joy when I go for my walks especially when the sun accompanies me with such beauty! Who wouldn’t mind this company?! ๐Ÿ˜€

Note : Pls watch the video tilting your screen or your neck ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oops !

I also feel that it is a blessing that I have this space to walk and I get to watch such amazing sunsets and cloud formations!

Now that makes me wonder – how I view the sunrise or the sunset is just a small perception of what it actually is!

I am just seeing this huge ball of fire from my small balcony through the gap between these two buildings – that is my vision or my perception! In reality, it is different. I am this small living being standing among millions of others while the sun stands humongous and warms each and every cell on this earth. It makes me realize the speck of dust that I am!

Every time I travel to Tirupati, I feel the same at that toll place, where we need to get out of the vehicle and stand away while the vehicles are checked. That is the place where I feel like an ant next to the mountains standing large around me. Once you reach the mountain top, that feeling vanishes for all you see around you is people.

I think we can feel the same when in the presence of such vast presence of nature which reiterates that it is the constant and we are just passing through. That should give us something to ponder on!

Observing the little things…

Its been 15 days of continuous blogging and I feel so thrilled for two reasons – one is that my blog is happy with this revival and second is that I am able to blabber in writing all the thought process that seem to float by my mind. The blog break had me little worried if I will be able to put my thoughts into words again. Luckily, so far so good.

Also am observing the fact that I am not overly stressed as before when I commit myself to do anything even as simple as writing a post everyday. I have overcome the planning I used to do for writing posts – making notes on what all I have to write, what topics to cover – things like that. I have learnt to take it easy and not to worry about what to write. Its the quiet confidence that I will surely know in my heart about what to write, as I sip my coffee in the balcony.

Today was no different. I was sipping my morning coffee, observing the movement of sun much further down my block than 2 days back and also catching up with my current read – Forest of enchantments! The morning sun shone on me like a blessing and it surely gave me feel good sign from above!

Precisely at that time, there came a butterfly, a tiny one at that, with pretty white dots on black wings, fluttered around my book, my hands and flew away as quickly as it came.

My phone was charging and hence I couldn’t take a video of it. But thinking about it now, I wouldn’t have moved an inch to obstruct the flight of that butterfly. Even though it was for a fleeting moment, it increased my josh for the day ahead.

Sometimes, we just have to open our eyes and feel these small things. Then the heart is happy and mind calm, which prepares us to face bigger things.