Day 28 – Motherrrrrr :D

It all began 19 years ago, when she started with “Mmmaaa” in her effort to start talking!

Then slowly she learnt it the way I wanted – Amma just like how its said in our Tamil. I was elated.

School days began. The influence of teachers, her friends and all the TV shows and movies made their influence on her and Amma slowly became Mumma. Sometimes Mommy too.

But during the nights, when she wanted me to read from her fav book or cuddle with me, or when she’s very sleepy, the mother tongue rose higher and I’ll become Amma for her.

Mom, Ma, Mommy or Amma – it was my darling calling out to me and my response was an automatic reflex out of love.

In recent times though, my little girl, ok that’s what I still think of her, has learnt newer things. The addressing is Motherrrrr….Oh no! Sigh! Yes…it is. First she used when she was annoyed with me. Now its becoming a norm with her.

Though I used to hate it, I’m starting to love the stress of her tongue on rrrrr, where there’s the punch of love ❤

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Day 27 – Be YOU

There’s this Tamil program called Kalyanamalai which helps prospective brides and grooms to meet each other. And in this program the frequently heard phrase is –  “The girl should be adjusting to the family”; mind you, its only the girl. And the girl’s parents are very proud to say that she’s very adjusting.

Isn’t the marriage about adjustments from both sides?? Somewhere along the journey in the past centuries the meanings have changed. 

One girl is a MSc MPhil – her family says she’ll also adjust to the groom, his family and everyone else. What about her? Her career? Her personality? Her individuality? 

We bring up children telling them to adjust to everyone around. The very few who don’t are marked stubborn, not listening to elders…stuff like that. But those who have their way from younger years are damn lucky to put forth their thoughts always.

And then there are people who need to unlearn all the “adjust stuff” to begin the process of understanding one’s true potential and start loving their own self. Self love is the biggest asset anyone can think of.

It’s always those people who are being their own self who make a mark in this world. Being stubborn about our own thoughts, beliefs and giving a damn to what others think is kind of liberating and takes a lot of effort to reach there.

Did you happen to notice the Amazon ad where the working woman adjusts all the time and keeps wearing the same sari for every function? It sure is aimed at shopping but the fact that we adjust so much that we don’t even buy things for ourselves is quite sad.

There are times when we adjust to our loved ones but let it not become a norm for us.

Being YOU…such an important lesson which I’ve embraced in recent times has made me happy from inside, made me to understand who I really am, to say No when I don’t like something and finally to express opinions and to be heard.

The world adjusting happens though slowly… People notice that we’ve changed and are sometimes surprised or stunned by our new love for the self. And then they adjust and get into the groove to say “Aahh…she’s like that only” ha ha Mission achieved!

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Day 26 – We’ve a new friend

I’ve always been wary of strret dogs owing to their ferocious nature – I know…its the only way they can protect themselves!

And there are many of them around our factory. But one guy makes a difference.

He’s very quiet, even scared of other dogs on the street but has become our new friend.

Exactly at 4.30 in the evening, he comes in search of us. S feeds him bread – only bread huh…mind you! For that guy will not eat anything else we give him. I just don’t know the connection but that is what it is! We tried giving him rotis, rice…hmmhhmmmhhmmm…he just sniffed and went away.

At the precise dot of time, we can find him sitting outside patiently waiting for us.

After he eats those few bread slices, he goes off quietly – probably he has another appointment with another person like me 😉

And then there are days when we just take a walk down the road and he’ll follow us wherever we go.

The way he wags his tail, the fastest ever, is a sure shot sign of affection and we love him so much!

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Day 25 – Foto Friday

Shail, am taking the concept from you for today; am rushed, tired and no time to write all that I want to write!

Here are some pictures which bring back my most cherished weekend, at Malpe Beach !


When I just relaxed on the smooth white sand…sigh!


Just before the flight up in the sky !


And then we flew high up in the sky !


And the awesome sunset – my favorite !

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Day 24 – The “Shawl”story

Just don’t get it wrong – Chennai is not freezing – neither am I in the colder places – nor am I wearing a shawl.  People like me always refer to Shawl as this beautiful Kashmiri one which is used during chiller climates or as a beautiful accessory to a sari or dress.

And then there are others – who refer to the simple dupatta or a stole or a dirty towel as shawl – mind-boggling, I tell you !

Especially in this conservative land, where I live, the use of a shawl is a must, whether you wear a night wear (nightie), salwar kameez, jeans + tee shirt, jeans + shirt, jeans + kurti – anything apart from a sari, you need to wear a shawl to cover your boobs; of course, apart from the basic clothing.  Those people wearing nightie at home, just come down to drop their kids in the school bus in that nightie – Oh ! And covering themselves with a dirty towel which is perfectly defined as Shawl, in this land !

Girls are brought up conditioned by this rule – wear a shawl always ! Cover your chest, hair, face – anything you want.

Boys are conditioned too by this rule – any girl not wearing a shawl is bad – just bad.

I was shocked first, then saddened by the whole damn thing.

During my recent train travel, I met this sweet girl, who was travelling with me. She had come to Chennai for work and on the first day of her job, she wore a sleeveless kurti and jeans. Even if the company allowed the women to wear such dresses, all her co-workers were stunned and started criticizing her and her dress for she cannot wear sleeveless to work – the reason “Idhu Chennai ma” (This is Chennai). She had the shock of her life, as she is so used to wearing such clothes at her place – Bangalore.

But I made sure I’m not affected by this and neither are my girls.

Clothes do not define my personality. PERIOD.

I dislike wearing dupatta…OOPS…Shawl !  I may use it as an accessory whenever I like it but certainly not to define my personality !

There…its out of the system…and I’m relieved 😉

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Day 23 – Anklet

It’s all the influence of the movies…

And probably her beautiful aunt…

Aaah…that’s the reason for her love for the anklet. Chal chal chal…what a beautiful sound!

Sigh…how she dreamed of having one of hers!

Her mom said, “I’ll get a pair for your wedding. Your uncle has promised to give some extra money for wedding expenses and I’ll surely buy you anklet”.

She dreamed of dancing with the anklets, just like Madhuri Dixit 🙂

She dreamed of running down the hill, with the chal chal chal of the anklet echoing in the backdrop.

She imagined herself wearing anklet and caressed her ankles, giving herself a shiver !

And the day came.

Her wedding!

She was more excited to get the anklet than any other jewelry or saris.

How much time she spent buying her anklet ! The perfect design, the perfect sound of chal chal chal, the perfect fit on her ankle…Oh !! She wanted the day to come so that she can parade in her anklets everywhere!

On the day of the wedding, she wore it and was the happiest ever !

The sound of her anklets was like symphony for her…every  step she took, she anticipated the sound and when it came, she smiled so proudly !

It was her wedding night and she went to meet the man of her life, privately.

As she entered, he looked up.

When she walked, he frowned.

She wondered, what happened !

He quietly asked, “What’s that sound – like a bull wearing bells around the neck??? Just remove it and throw it away” !

Her face was ashen in shock…

Story courtesy – Strange passenger on train!

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Day 22 – Parasailing at Malpe beach

I love going to the beach during the evenings, when the Sun dazzles against the water, when the water turns golden, when the Sun tries to kiss the waves and when the warm waters try to catch up with my feet! 

Sigh…what an amazing place to be…Malpe beach !

And as we walked by the soft white sand, the spread out parachute called out to me – Oh! Don’t be coy…come and parasail with me!

With S being insistent we try it out, with girls looking both skeptical and excited at the same time, with fearful excitement in me – we all decided to go for that parachute call.

With butterflies in my stomach, I got a life jacket on and the safety belt too. Oh my! Am I really going to do this !??!! With a fluttering heart beat, I saw the guide latch my safety belt to the chute. I just stood stunned at my decision to go for it.

And then he asked me to run a bit to give momentum to the flight.

When did I run??? When did the chute fly ?? Oh my God!! Am suddenly lifted up in the sky. The amazing flight up in the sky, held with two latches, the vast sea beneath me, the frothy waves so tiny in comparison, all the people on the beach trying to catch a glimpse at this flying woman…he he, the boat flying among the waves helping the chute to fly faster…Oh my!! What an incredible experience!!

And in the midst of it all, am trying to locate my girls in the crowd below…ha ha 😀

I didn’t want to come down at all…I wanted to fly…The butterflies in the stomach were spreading their wings more to help me fly…there are no words to explain that feeling!

Even though I couldn’t leave my hold on the parachute initially, I let it go towards the end to feel the freedom of flying with my legs dangling and wind bracing me – You just have to experience it to feel my words!

And then bang we landed on the sands and suddenly the sky was so high…That sky that I tried kissing during my parasailing seems to be so much above me…sigh…

But the joy in me remains
Excitement still coursing my veins
Sigh…That parasailing
A great moment in my living

That broke off my fear chains!

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Day 21 – The different sales people

Ok…here I’m at home now with my legs stretched out, a cuppa in hand, some movie in the background and trying to type in today’s post!

And all that comes to my mind is flashes from the almost 24 hours of train travel in the past 5 days.

Those flashes mainly consist of hard working people, mostly handicapped, selling things on the train.

Maybe they’re wrong for travelling without tickets. But I find a sincerity in them, making a living by selling things in the train.

The man who sold handkerchieves, the woman who sold guavas, the old man who sold raw mangoes with salt, the one who sold lovely tees, the one who sold bags, keychains…there were many of them. And they all touched my heart with their sincerity to make a living, than by simply begging.

And I bought many little things from them – I may not use them all but I can give those things to others who may use it. And then am happy to have made a tiny difference in the day of those sales people.

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Day 20 – What do you do?

What do you do…

When you find your little girl all grown up and doing things on her own?

When you see your darling girl taking decisions and managing her things damn well?

When you know that she’s quite capable of handling situations, actually much better than me and with a cooler head?

I think it’s time for me to see her spread her wings and fly.

It’s time for me chill – in her words 😉

It’s time for me to see her soar and accomplish great things.

Am just a proud mother flying in the clouds after witnessing the fabulous graduation ceremony of her daughter and watched with swelling pride as she walked the aisle with her degree in hand.

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Day 19 – Something to chew about

Today I was waiting at a restaurant, to be seated. And as I was watching all those young college students ordering and enjoying food, there was something starkingly visible to me.

In every table I could see people wasting food for which I really felt bad. If they couldn’t finish eating the dish, all they could do is pack the balance and give to someone on the streets who are going hungry. 

And while so many countries are having a food crisis, we just take things for granted and also think its our prerogative to do things as we wish. 

Being in the food industry has taught us to manage food wastes in a better way than just throwing it in bins. We’ve identified orphanages, old age homes in and around our locality and inform them whenever we’re sending them the extra food. And it helps evade the guilty feeling of wasting food.

And to all the youngsters out there – here is a shoutout. Just because parents send you pocket money doesn’t mean you buy and waste food. Buy and eat how much ever your stomach can take. Give the balance food to someone. Make sure food is not wasted. 

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