Thank you so much for giving me this Award !!!

I hold it precious, in my heart !!!

Humane Blogger Award Given by Shraddha & April Belle

Addicting Blog Award – Given by Swaramaward_addicting

Tea Cup Award – Given by Swaramtea-cup-mouse

One lovely Blog Award – Given by Swaram, Rashmione_lovely_blog1


Friends Award – given by Swaram


Butterfly Award – given by Swaram

Honest Scrap Award – given by Nancy

Triple Award – given by Rashmi, Lakshmi

Graciously accepted from IHM !!!! 🙂

Given by Shilpa

Given by MaverickShree, Lakshmi

Certificate from CB

Thank you CB, for appreciating my fiction writing skills…. 🙂 🙂

Given by Sagarika

Given by Rashmi

Given by Rashmi


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