Do you want to go to AAA ????

Art Arattai Aarpattam gets bigger and better in 2010

Triple A or AAA or Art Arattai Aarpattam is back. Like the tiny battery with the same name, it is energy that comes in small packages of children, arts and pure electrifying entertainment. And there are a few important changes- No more ‘rain rain go away come again another day’ because the festival is in July and August so we believe our fun will not get dampened by thunder showers, but please forgive the drizzles, we can’t stand the heat either. Our shows will not have inaugural events of any sort- its goodbye to long speeches and hello to the show. All this based on feedback from last years events.

So what’s in store? Have you ever wanted to get in touch with your artistic side? Why don’t you walk into Dakshin Chitra? Choose from an assortment of workshops- get your hands dirty with pottery making and clay modeling, write with light and shoot some photos, feeling expressive? then tell us your story with story telling sessions.

If you are the indoors kind and you have a liking for movies then sneak a peak at our children’s film festival. Last year we ran to full shows so don’t blame us if you are turned out by a houseful of children rolling in laughter to animated comedies such as UP, Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo etc. Why don’t you call us and book your tickets in advance.

Laughter, more laughter, deep breath, laughter, more laughter, deep breath then pure awe. Audience response to last years Nalandaway Production- Paati Vadai Kaaka Nari. Even if you don’t believe us, please remember to take deep breaths inbetween all that laughter when you watch ‘Ali Baba and the 40 police’ this year. Another sound and light stage play parody which will take your breath away for sure… And just when you thought you have time to recover, we hit you with a Boardwalkers play- The green ogre. Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths.

Smack in the middle of these events is a Sing Along by Krishna Iyer and Jeeva, Super singers Juniors Live with Vijay TV, and Tale of Haruk – A Korean Musical with English Subtitles. Who is this festival for? Its for children, and the young at heart. So don’t worry we won’t stop you at the gate and ask you ‘how old are you?’

Bookings: Donor passes available in Landmark and Odyssey. For bulk bookings call Upasana at 8056212458 or email To book online visit All funds raised from the festival will go towards helping marginalized children express their creativity, and become independent and empowered. For the full schedule visit


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