The art of listening

As many of you know, I have been conducting online classes to teach yoga asana, pranayama, and a few basic techniques of meditation. Being a teacher has been the most joyful experience of my life! Apart from personal contentment when I share my knowledge, some moments make this teaching such a joyous one.

Yesterday, one of my students shared an audio file with me. It was the recording of her 5-year-old daughter singing the prayer song of our class. I was thrilled. I still feel the thrill inside me as I travel back in time to my younger age when I learned music. Read that whole post on my music lessons here – [post].

This little girl of my student was playing in the same room where her mom was practicing. Every day, she was listening to the prayer being chanted. Now, she is reciting the prayer. It goes on to prove the power of hearing/listening. If we can give more importance to listening, we can surely make a difference.

Two other students have also shared similar experience with their daughters. The little ones were playing and reciting the prayer chant which surprised the mothers.

So, what are we making our children listen to, on a day-to-day basis? Are we taking some time to showcase the power of music to our children? Can we let our children listen to music, and chants without any inhibition on the genre?

Recently, I have started studying again the Yogasutra, under the guidance of my Guru. He was talking about the significance of a Gurukul and how the ears are the most important organ there. How the lessons were learnt by listening – how the stories were told from one person to another through listening – how the values of life were told and embraced through listening and practicing – how to differentiate between the valuable and the invaluable ones that enter our ears – the power of listening is just amazing!

There is an amazing power to our ears and hence our listening!
What are you listening to, today?