Tidbits with T

Being very confused with the process of choosing the topic for T, I settled to write 2 liners for some words in T.


He stood next to me to check if he is taller, the day we met. Being tall or short didn’t matter to me, till then!


It was an addiction and my world revolved around it. I stopped it for 4 years and suddenly my world revolves around me!


A special place where I connected with the night sky, watching the stars tumble over me. Nila soru, moonlight dinners were enjoyed in our terrace, as we visualised sitting by a stream, lying on the grass and watching the moonlit night!


Hug them, touch them – they are alive and can feel our touch. “Were you my friend in my previous birth?” I wonder!

Thought process

My thoughts are like waves, not one but many, arising from different sources with a common destination – me! Attention to the “breath wave” has lessened the thought wave and I seem to be floating (many times) rather than struggling to swim!


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