Now this word kept doing the rounds in my mind since yesterday but I certainly didn’t decide on what joyful experience I wanted to write about.

The Universe always presents solutions when we look for them. I found my muse in my friend’s story! This friend of mine is off to a trip with her colleagues.

That took me back to my school days. It was my one and only excursion when I was in school. I had gone on visits to the Bharat Scouts Camping Site many times where we learned things to be self-sufficient, took part in other scouting activities, and finally earned my President’s Guide Award. Maybe some of the skills are helpful, especially the one where we break the ice and talk to new people. I am digressing.

Now, coming back to the excursion – I don’t have many great memories of the trip and what we did but it was a joyful time. I remember wearing a long Kurti with long side slits and legging kind of pants! The long Kurti and the legging were a first for me. It was also a first for me when I didn’t wear the dupatta that we always wore to cover up and I felt kind of liberated. I had never worn that kind of dress before and I felt excited and dressed up for the excursion. We went to Mahabalipuram, as all the people planning an excursion in Chennai did in those days. Since it was the 10th standard, many of us were planning to change school the next year and hence this was a special moment for all of us to be together. I remember the joy of a 15-year-old girl who was excited to be away from the family for a few hours, with her friends and enjoy it all!

There have been other joyous moments – relishing the pista cake from Adyar Bakery and always choosing the pista flavor after asking about the availability of other flavors – visiting the library near Kodambakkam railway station along with my friend and sharing books between us – every moment spent sitting in the bus was devoted to reading all the books – the joy of reading Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, thanks to one amazing friend – walking on the sands of the beach and occasionally venturing into the water with corn cooked on coals – making train trails on the sands of the beach by sitting in vajrasana and moving by gently shaking the bum (it is tremendous fun :D) – walking in the rain by refusing to carry the umbrella (you see, carrying the umbrella will jinx the rains 😉 ) – just thinking with the search word “joy” brings in so many entries. Am feeling it in my bones now!

I would like to share this video which is a joy shared through dancing…

Feel joyful from inside!


2 Replies to “Joyful”

  1. Belated Congratulations!!for the the Preside trial Guide Award. 😊
    Childhood and nostalgia…the comics! The corn on coal…I loved the masalawala corn… I miss that too..
    That Tillana made me tap my feet. JOY! 😁

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