Dear tongue

The eyes saw the wine bottle first
And you started drooling
All those memories
Of that fermented grape juice
From previous times
Boggled your memory
And hence your mind
The appropriate groundwork was done
You just waited for the bottle to be opened!

You wondered…
“Why can’t this New year arrive early?
It is a stupid idea
To open the bottle for 2020
Why can’t we have in 2019 itself?”
Your taste buds overlapped
In excited agony
And you drooled indicating that to me…Phew!

You got excited…
When the ears confirmed the sound
Of the bottle being opened
“Who cares if the New year has come or not!”
Was the only predominant thought
When the eyes feasted
On the beautiful color of the wine!
The nostrils were ready
And the fragrance that wafted
From the wine
Its pure intoxicating smell
Was just too much, right?
“Bring it to me!”, you ordered.

One sip you had…
The chillness hits you…
There is a forewarning
From a sensible side of the mind
Of not to drink anything cold…
But you push it away…
You are addicted
To the taste of that wine
You wanted more
And more of that drink!
The chilled wine
Went down the throat
Creating the ruckus
Which didn’t hit for more than 2 years
That severe throat pain
And cold and fever
The sufferer is me!
It was because of you
And your love for that taste of wine!

That forever drooling
That forever dancing
Of tastebuds
For that cold wine
Has left you in drylands today…
You are devoid of taste
Your tastebuds are in hiding
You cant even taste your elixir
Leave alone rasam or dal!
Is this what you wanted?
Shame on you…
You have become
The tasteless tongue!

I don’t even know whether to address you as “dear”
For the havoc, you have created
In my body!

5 Replies to “Dear tongue”

    1. Thanks dear! Can you believe that a kind of dry cough still makes an appearance, even after a month? This climate change has affected me a lot! Anyway, otherwise, am all good 😀


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