Taking solace

I think I escaped the bug for long which can give you body pain, a sudden increase in the levels of phlegm, a sore throat and a feeling to lie down all the time under the comfort of a quilt.

Since the gap has been long, I think its taking vengeance with a force. Its been 4 days now and the running nose has just turned for the worse. And suddenly the cough reminds me of its presence, apart from dealing with the other symptoms. There is a saying that goes like “The cold lasts 7 days with medication and a week without medication”!

All kinds of medication are going inside my body; I hope they all reach the right parts of my body to heal me well!

To add to the chillness quotient, its been raining since morning today. I really wanted the sun to be out for me to soak in the warmth but naaa…life is not like that! Its always not what we want!

And here I take solace by posting pics from archives, where I close my eyes and feel the flowers in my hand, where the warm sun caresses me gently and suddenly I feel all healed.

It is therapeutic!

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