Marghazi kolangal

This month of Marghazi is dear to the heart. Be it the kolams that adorn the entrance of the houses or the slight chill and crisp wind that surprises the normal Chennai climate or the sound of music that is in the air, there is something for everyone to intake, partake and enjoy!

When I was a young girl, I used to pair up with my sister to draw the kolams during Marghazi. And as I type this, I suddenly remember the fat bound kolam book we had at home. Everyone, including Patti, amma, chithi or us (the sisters), will update our new kolams which we learn from other books or magazines or other’s houses. We will make an entry as to how many dots is the kolam and how to draw it. Thereby we also practice it once before doing a final version at our home entrance.

This book is occupying my mind for the past week as I try hard to remember those kolams which are short and neat to put in front of my home entrance, this Marghazi month. I wish I had the book with me now. Maybe, amma still has it in her cupboard; I should ask her about it.

These kolams were done for last Diwali and I really enjoyed putting the kolams in the vast space at the entrance of my brother-in-law’s house.

All these kolams have to be a part of my blog and what better time than the month of Marghazi!


2 Replies to “Marghazi kolangal”

  1. Love the kolams Uma! I’m a huge fan and I’m the designated for the job especially when it comes to traditional designs which I’d learnt from my paati.
    Btw.. I too had planned to do a post on kolams 😀

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