Sunday musings

I sat and watched as these saplings were planted in the field. It was a time-consuming process. All the people who came for this work went into the field that was filled with the right amount of water. They stood with their feet apart slightly, bending down and in absolute focus to make sure the saplings are planted are specific intervals. The sun was hitting hard and they were all sweating profusely. But none of them bothered about that. The feet were soaked in the muddy water. That also didn’t bother them.

All their focus was on planting them at the right distance. All their thoughts and prayers were for a good crop out of this planting. All of them worked together for that.

I just walk into the supermarket and pick up a pack of rice, pulses or vegetables without even thinking about the hard work that has gone behind that packet.

And I realized how much I have taken for granted in life!

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