Celebrating the fall…

Its beautiful, for its fall!

The leaves turn pale
Yellow or a darker shade
And the skies turn grey
The imminent winter’s foreplay!

Its a color parade
Of landscapes

Filled with trees
Which boast of
The change in color
And season!

There seems to be joy
When the leaves turn pale
And ready to fall!
When the paths are filled
With the fallen leaves
It becomes the most liked picture
Of all!

We celebrate and enjoy
The fall season

In nature!
But we just fail
To celebrate people
When they fall
After trying!

When they change
Their colors deep inside!
When they show courage

In all the tough times!

This fall is part of nature
Part of growing up
For new leaves in next season
For new adventures
In life!

All we need
Is just a shift
In our attitude!