There is one thing that is constant
And that is change…
Human beings resist it
And keep grumbling
That likes and dislikes
Cannot be changed.

Being stubborn
To see the natural flow of energy…
Failing to see
This is the change
That will change life…
To jump to the other side
For fear of treading
An unknown path…
Always forgetting
That life is a mystery
And that it was easy
To walk along with it
During younger days…
But aging
Hardens the outlook
And the mind looks out
For stable and predefined paths.
Forgetting the most important
That those paths
Will not lead to happiness!

For what is the purpose of this life?
If it is not as simple as being happy
In whatever the heart yearns to do
Whether its the job
Or is it simply the moments
That maketh our life
The biggest goal
Is happiness!

A self-study
An introspection
Can tell the truth
Even though its bitter,
Of a life that is unhappy!

When the feeling of unhappiness
Is prominent,
Analyze those feelings.
Shift focus.
Move in a different direction.
There is a world
Filled with possibilities
There are a hundred and one ways
To feel happy again
This old path
Need not be the destined one.

Break out of the path
That doesn’t bring happiness!

Trusting the instincts
Is a beginning.

Trying different things
Finding those ones
Which tingle the passion
And can bring in
A sense of calm
And a feeling of being happy.
Of making other mundane tasks

All that the soul needs is courage
The ability to accept
That the current path is not giving happiness.
The ability to move away
From what is giving unhappiness.
It is a known path…
It might be difficult
To break the routine…
To shake the bottom of that wall…
But it needs to be done…
The shifting away,
The moving forward
Towards something new
That will be a source of happiness!

That courage
Will become the inspiration
For many others
Who are struggling
With the feeling of unhappiness
Deep inside!

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