A birthday wish!

“Ma, am in Ambattur now. How many more stations before I reach Chennai Central?”

“I don’t know the exact no. of stations but just look for Basin Bridge. Central is the next station”

“Maaaa, how can you not know? You are supposed to know everything” 😄

And that led to this:

To my dearest kutti daughter,

When you were a little girl, maybe I had answers to all your questions.

When you were a teenager, I answered many of your questions honestly but you didn’t know the enormity of your questions.

When you started staying all by yourself there were many questions of yours for which I had an answer but was unable to convince you with it.

So, my dear girl, your mom doesn’t know the answers to many questions you ask and to many questions of her own. But I don’t worry too much about not knowing them. I will know them when the time is right for me. Till such time, I will journey towards it.

And this is what I want to tell you today – your birthday – Just listen to your heart and move forward and the answers will be revealed at the right time. Explore your life and enjoy your experiences as you keep journeying towards your goal!

You don’t need to know the answers to move forward. Just trust the process and what your heart tells you!

A very happy birthday darling!

Lots of love


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