My thought process

My thoughts run like horses – wild and free. I start with a small thought like this sun is so blazing hot. That leads to a small prayer for the heat to come down and then a strong prayer which is almost like a command for the rains to pour immediately. I then start thinking about the birds in a nearby lake which has dried up totally. I feel for those birds. I pray for rains again. That reminds me of the dog outside our apartment which has 4 little ones running behind it. One kind soul from our apartment is feeding those puppies with food and water. Bless that soul.

As thoughts of apartment fills the mind, I say a gratitude prayer for those plants which bloom to make me smile even on a hot summer day. I then remember the two young friends I have in my floor, who always make me smile, just by their presence or a hug. Sigh…small children are such a joy and to see them grow into fine human beings is a matter of great pride for the parents.

My recent obsession seem to be the Mandala coloring, which seems to have put a break on the free running thoughts. It helps in bringing calmness to my mind. When I keep focusing on the colors that will look good next to each other, I leave out the stressful thoughts of everyday living. As I focus on coloring within the lines, I let my heart free of all the thoughts that confine it. When I sharpen the pencils, I feel my thoughts become subtle and easy to handle.


There are functions to attend – invites for a wedding and a upanayanam.

There is mehndi waiting to adorn my hands and am thinking what design to put.

That flower is a gift from my younger one for mother’s day – her first ever artistic quilling work; makes me feel so overwhelmed.

And I have my book to read.

In the midst of all these things is the mandala, bringing in the much needed calm and peace within me.

If you look deeply, you can see the colors that have fumbled, just like how I fumble with some decisions in life. I have learnt to accept those fumbles and move forward to feel happy always. I think those fumbled parts add a charm to the colored picture!

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