Sleep – lost and found!

As Shail wrote about her sleep(less) patterns, I had a thought which I wanted to share about sleep. Then I realized I have already written about what a sound sleeper I am 😉

Last year’s trauma of my husband being hospitalized was one of the difficult times for my sleep as well. I remember, all throughout the first four weeks, that my sleep was barely minimalist. I don’t remember a good night’s sleep. I was always awake for him as he kept calling, tossing, moaning in pain through the night! And just like small babies he will sleep soundly as the day breaks. I will be sitting there wide-bleary-eyed maintaining silence as that was the time of hustle-bustle in a hospital with shift changing, housekeeping…phew!

All the lack of sleep took a toll on me. I used to roam around with such dark circles around my eyes. After he had the skin grafting surgery done and when I knew that I could relax a little, I caught up on my sleep like crazy.

I had been of the view that sleep once lost cannot be compensated but I think I ate my words during those fitful sleepnights I got after we got him home healthy and fine!

Then later when the husband started walking and even driving his car, the actual realization of what I went through hit me.

Again I was plagued with sleepless nights and woke up with a drab mood every morning with no josh or energy to do any work. I was awake from 1am to 5am and nothing I did helped me to sleep better.

Have you ever thought that what comes your way is actually the life’s challenge for you to face or the solution to an existing challenge. Like that came the opportunity for me to enroll to a Yoga course. Through one of the teachers I got initiated to meditation.

And the wonder of wonders was, I started to sleep well at nights. My meditation was filled with thoughts as I had no control over them. I was advised to let the thoughts be. Just push it aside giving focus to the thought of meditation.

When we lie down to sleep, we need to focus on the thought that this is the time to sleep. We should not entertain thoughts; they will come and keep coming more if you ponder.

And that is how I got my sleep back. Its so precious that we realize it only when we lose it.

2 Replies to “Sleep – lost and found!”

  1. Focusing on the thought that it’s time to sleep has never worked for me. I read and fall asleep, play games on the phone and sleep, or let my mind think the thoughts it wants to, and fall asleep. If I ever focus on sleep, I will be sleepless all night. 🙂

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