Bus stories continues…

This is precisely the reason I love public transports – the many people and their varied conversations and the multitude of expressions makes the journey more interesting!

I got into the bus in the bus terminus. All the window seats were already taken. Sigh. Now I had to choose who will make interesting conversation among all these people in the window seat.

And I chose this young girl…should be around 20 years. I made eye contact with her and my smile was reciprocated in full josh. I liked that. I sat next to her.

As suddenly as a storm brews up, came this bus conductor who was in a hurry, for sure. And he looked stressed…God knows what was stressing him! As he started issuing tickets, all he got was 10 rupee notes in succession from the passengers. That put him off. He refused to give tickets if he didn’t get exact change. Everyone quietly put the ten rupee notes inside their bags and started their search for coins.

I saw the girl next to me with a twenty rupee note while I had exact change. This was my chance to start that conversation.

“Take my coins and buy both our tickets with your twenty rupee note” I offered. She was mighty pleased. We got our tickets and looked like we both are going to the same destination.

I started my question spree. I loved it. One answer leading to the next question. Starting from “Are you studying?” to “What is your native place?” and also smiling happily to know that her father is a farmer. I was also happy to know that she is doing a teacher’s training course for differently abled children. The younger generation is not only the blindfolded engineers and doctors but also selfless teachers to special children. I felt so proud to have met her.

Our stopping came and we got down.

I couldn’t resist giving her a hug 🤗