The mallipoo story

I was at the bus stop. There was an old lady selling flowers and the fragrance of mallipoo wafting towards me was so strong which I loved so much. Maybe it was magnetic too as I inched towards the fragrance to take in more.

I was so preoccupied with my nose inhaling the fragrance that I was bolted to reality by the screeching sound of an yellow Vespa scooter. A couple all dressed up for a function stopped before the flower shop and their little girl in pattu pavadai was dozing off with her head leaning on her father’s back. You know it used to happen to my daughters too, as kids; as soon as they sit on the bike and the gentle breeze hits their face combined with the warmth of the enclosing parents, its a sure thing to doze off.

The man was wearing a helmet but still I could see he was annoyed or upset. Maybe some disagreement with the missus?! Or anything…but he didn’t look happy.

The wifey got down from the scooter and bought mallipoo from the same lady towards whom I was inching slowly. Cut the mallipoo string into two. Took the smaller one and pinned it on the hair of the sleeping girl. That fragrance made the little girl to open her eyes. She touched the mallipoo, felt its softness and made sure it was longer than her shoulder length hair. She was satisfied with the inspection and closed her eyes again to lean on her father’s back.

The wifey pinned the balance mallipoo in her hair, made a sweeping gesture with it. And suddenly the whole scenario changed. The husband took some sudden interest in the whole mallipoo thing. He smiled with affection at his wife and gave the money for the mallipoo.

Somewhere the annoyance was lost…maybe forgotten.

The mallipoo made peace and helped in the bonding.

Sometimes all we need is a smile and a word of love and maybe mallipoo 😉

I absolutely loved waiting for the bus because of which I could watch such a beautiful language of love spoken through the eyes of that couple, all wih the mallipoo mediator.


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