Heard some conversations…

Sitting in the bus I get to hear conversations between two people or over the phone. I heard them all in Tamil, but here is the gist in English!


Amma….how are you? Yes, appa spoke to me. Am fine. Blah blah blah.

Yes ma…I ate. Did you eat lunch?


One lady is screaming on top of her voice and I realized it was over the phone. She was very upset about something that happened and she was being very vocal about it. As the minutes progressed her decibel came down.

She ended her call with a subdued caring voice “listen, eat lunch and then go”


It reminded me of my conversations with my girls where my first question will be “Did you eat kannamma?” It makes me totally happy that my child has eaten and all other things can be faced by her.

I think the many people out there always show that they care through food, through enquiries about lunch or dinner and absolutely revolving around food.

“You ate?”

“Pls eat….I made your fav.”

“Be angry with me later but eat first.”

For its difficult to be angry or unhappy when the stomach is full. And then a tummy khush feeling is also the adrenaline to keep one happy.

And I love conversations that weave through our lives esp our food.


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