A Monday story

Today I travelled by bus. Somehow, the travel by trains and buses are more to my liking as I enjoy watching people. And this day was no less.

The first sight I saw was of a little boy. He will be hardly 6 years. First he ate some snacks and then drank some water. The best part comes now. He started setting up that single seat as his bed and his mother’s lap was his pillow. And he dozed off. The tiredness of spending the whole day in school made him sleep like a baby. And maybe to recharge himself for the playtime after reaching home.

Even though its not fair, I sighed at the blissful sleep he was enjoying on his mother’s lap. I even envied it a little bit.

Then this girl came and stood next to me. She saw the boy too. And I heard a sigh from her. She said “Such a nice sleep for the boy”.

And we both smiled at each other in camaraderie!


One Reply to “A Monday story”

  1. I envy people who can sleep in a moving vehicle.

    And totally with you on the fact that travel by trains and buses are more fun. If it’s long distance, it’s train over anything else. such fun it is!

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