When the fragrances hit nostalgia…

“Mama, do you remember this smell? This reminds me of the shampoo we used when I used to go swimming as a kid”

“And that reminds me that I love the smell of chlorine as we loved swimming”

“And what about this smell? This is the smell of the first facewash you got for me”

“Aaah! I love this smell Ma…the smell of tadka in ghee for rasam or dal…sigh! I missed home”

“You remember the smell from patti’s sari? I so love it. I still can smell it while thinking of it”

“I love the smell of these old books” (opening and closing every book in the bookshelf)

“I still remember the amazing almond cookies you made after watching it on Nigella’s show…the whole smelt so good”

“WOW…maavadu smell is amazing”

“The mango smell is the best in the world”

“This is home…its smelling so wonderful with coffee”

“OMG! I love this ghee smell”

“Ma, you are making me drink tea! But guess what? I like it”

When we think of home or any place, its the smells that immediately transport us to that place. We can remember some childhood smells so well as if it is fresh.

When the daughter is back home after a long gap, she brings out the fragrances of our home when hit with nostalgia!

Does it happen to you? Do you remember people, places, food associating it with smells?



2 Replies to “When the fragrances hit nostalgia…”

  1. nice one.. so much connected to food.. for me not so much smells as to people, i remember my great gramma for vegadha murukku, my gramma for teaching me mor kozhambu , other gramma for jevvarisi kanji and so on šŸ™‚

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