A Sunday story

Appa loved good food, esp the ones typical of a Tambram family. And this Manga-inji is the quintessential representation, he felt.

As a teenager all my love was for the mango and I hated this Manga-inji for the duality it represented. I also felt that it was stealing the thunder out of my fav mango! And I used to hate inji aka ginger. That was another pull down for disliking it.

But the way my appa used to relish this simple Manga-inji made me wonder what he saw in this dish! He used to look at me like “how can you not like this awesomeness” ! Only one thing he was confident about – that I will eventually fall for it.

Now, after decades, I seem to be falling in line with my appa for I am starting to like Manga-inji. Does that mean the older me resonates with my Appa? 😁

Making the Manga-inji (Mango ginger) salad

Peel the Manga-inji and cut it into small cubes.

Sprinkle required amount of salt and mix well.

Squeeze lemon juice and mix well.

Do a simple tadka of mustard and cut green chillies and mix well together.

This goes well with curd rice but I am liking it with sambar rice too. Try it for sure!

Cook it like “Patti”

The rava upma has many interlinking stories and preferences at home. While I make it in white color (minus haldi) as the daughter prefers, I make it with lots of vegetables in it for my husband.

Today morning started with the same discussion on what to make for breakfast. When rava upma was the unanimous choice between the two of us, the husband said in an excited voice, “Cook it like my patti” 😀

And it was done in his patti’s style which includes adding fried bread squares in the end as garnish. A sprinkle of sugar on top and pickle by the side, its the best breakfast ever for him.

Childhood memories about food are so strong that we even remember the taste, the aroma, the appearance of the dishes which we enjoyed. And made by patti adds the extra touch!