When musings touch the soul…

“Mind my side burns…do not touch them”

“Up to down action on my neck”

“Down to up for upper lip”

These are instructions issued by the father to his son, while the son is trying to help his dad by shaving for him.

While watching this video, I sniffed a little, smiled a little and then there was a tug at my heart! And that probably was my Appa…

When I moved base to Chennai, I was not very happy about it. But I strongly felt that there was a reason behind it. And just after a year of my move to Chennai, my Appa passed away. Wasn’t that the tug that brought me to Chennai, in the first place?

He is here, with me. I could feel him many times, when I did something wonderful and I knew he did do his proud smile for me.

This video is no less…the patient way in which the son is taking care of his dad, does something inside. Its heartening to see the warmth. Its a happy feeling to see such bonding happening.

Go on…see this video and give a hug to your father!