A little girl remembers…

…her Appa 🙂

Not a day goes by without thinking about him. And this one is a reflection of Appa’s warmth.

She was hardly 10 years of age, when this happened. As she was crazily fond of mehendi, her Amma always plucked those green mehendi leaves and patiently made a paste on the manual stone grinder.  The mehendi paste smelt divine  for her. She kept putting her face into the bowl of mehendi paste in an effort to pass on the smell to her soul.

But  she had  to wait for dinner to  be done with, so that the hands are free to be filled with mehendi. After dinner Amma applied mehendi for her. There was only one design known to her and it was a big circle in the centre of the palm and little dots around the circle. Plus she’ll put small caps on every finger, so that the nails were covered with mehendi.

For the little girl though, the design didn’t matter at all. She had fallen for the smell. There was a silent prayer that the mehendi should make a brighter red than last time.

Suddenly, there were plans for a night show for some movie. The tickets  were ready and everyone got ready to leave. The  little girl went along with her mehendi hands basking in the smell of the mehendi time to time.

The best part was when the movie began. She wanted to sleep…he he  😀

And her Appa took her onto his lap and hugged her tight. He kept patting her with those huge palms of his and she fell asleep in peace.

When she woke the next morning, her hands were the brightest red ever! She showed everyone her beautiful red mehendi hands and till date believes the bright red was totally because of her Appa’s warmth filled tight hug throughout the movie.


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