Food is memories


I had made rava upma the other day. While S loves it with pickle or chutney, his favorite indulgence is to have it with a sprinkle of sugar on top. That’s exactly how his grandmother used to eat it and all his siblings still follow her food combination, unconsciously.

Just like how thayir sadam always makes me want mavadu or dried narthangai – its a memory now but it filled my childhood days mainly because of patti doing such things. She loved her pazhaiya sadam (yesterday’s rice soaked in water so that it ferments overnight) with one watery buttermilk and narthangai or maavadu…sigh…am drooling while typing this.

Similarly, rava dosa kindles in me the comfort of a mother’s hug – my mom does it the best! Also, milagu poricha kuzhambu, milagu kuzhambu, arachuvitta sambar…sigh…endless !


S will surely go for an extra helping if it’s his mother’s recipe for masala kuzhambu, parval fry, pagarakai nool katti fry (bitter gourd stuffed and tied with a thread and fried)! Not to mention her amazing dal poori – that’s something to drool for !

The other day, my brother wanted the recipe for thakalikai kootu, just as our Amma makes…see – childhood footprints playing again !

And when we grow up with such yummy foods, which related to our taste buds, its a hard thing to let go of it. Β We might relish a pizza or a burger or a North Indian kulcha, but the food we grew up with has a special place in our heart, ok…the tongue and the taste buds !

The other day, my elder one was drooling for thavala adai and thengai chutney, while she gets awesome rotis and dals. Β And when I made poori yesterday, the younger one was drooling for it. Even though they get awesome food wherever they are, sometimes the simplest of upma or dal will rekindle their memory and they’ll feel like coming home.

That’s where the root is formed and it needs to be simple and strong !

That’s why brought up is very important – both for cultivating food habits and moral habits too !


So, what childhood food memory are you thinking now – to enjoy over the weekend ?

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18 Replies to “Food is memories”

  1. I’m craving for the daal baati and gatte ki sabzi that Mom used to make. I can’t make it taste the same even if I follow her recipe to the T. I loved the achaar she made…and especially the masala which she made extra and stored in a separate jar, only for me.

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  2. Upma with sugar sprinkled on it is how we eat it as well. Whenever we are offered a banana or some chutney, we usually wonder why πŸ˜€
    And another totally unexpected combo is idiyappam and pulissery πŸ˜€ that’s how my dad’s mom used to do it, and though my mom was fairly surprised, she got the taste of it…so both my brother and myself grew on to that as well. No one else seem to get it.
    And now, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want some of that!
    Yummy post, this one! πŸ™‚

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    1. I just loved the passion behind food here…hugs ! After all foodies will always join together!
      Am yet to taste that pulissery…should stay at ur place and gobble all yummy food πŸ™‚

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