Day 30 – Frienships are…

…those beautiful relationships that accept you as you are – no judgments!  

When I caught up with one of my friend yday over the movie Dear Zindagi, we both felt elated at meeting again. And both of us were not angry with each other for not talking these past few months. More than that we were able to pick up exactly where  we left it.

We used to go for walks together and used to love our rant filled walks. The talks more than the walks rejuvenated us. And suddenly it stopped owing to my hectic work schedules. She found new friends to walk with and I’ll occasionally catch her walking. Even though I wanted yo get back to it, her walking time was my busiest time at work. So I just left it.

Suddenly, when I realized my evening free time yday I called her to find if she was free for a movie. She has been dying to see this and didn’t have company to go for a hindi movie…sigh…difficult situations in Namma Chennai 😉

And so we went for the movie…

We cried like silly…

Laughed so much…

In between all these talked so much and caught up with each other on all the happenings of the past few months.

I love such friendships where there is no stress on me to say yes to everything; where I can be myself. I can take off with my busy life with no explanations and still there is understanding.

Life’s been good to provide me with such awesome people around!

So, do you have a friend like that? 🙂


Woohhhooooo! 30 days of blogging went off in a jiffy…am so happy 🙂

Thanks to Swaru for asking me to join in, giving me ideas to post, insisting that I join…

Bigger thanks to Sags for just adding me in – no questions asked – this is exactly the kind of love I cherish 🙂

Big cheers to friendship of the awesome kind!


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