Day 29 – Phoenix rising


What do we teach little boys?
Not to cry like a girl…
And its ok to do anything
Because he’s a boy!
The values we teach girls
Are just not taught to boys!


A girl child grows
With the leftovers of a boy!
For being dark
For being beautiful
For being educated
Or for being an illiterate too!
You name it…it’s there.
An easier way to say is
She’s discriminated
For being a woman!
And also made to feel
Damn guilty too…


But there are sparks
Some glitters
Like a star
A diamond
Women who break away
From the ordinary
Who take the path
Of education
Of adventure
Who break glass ceilings
Reach the top
Feeling damn proud

And the men watch
With lost power
Of hurt egos…
The only way they think
Is revenge
Through physical over-powering
The male organ gains power
Vaginas are cut
Made to bleed
And the women fall into hell
By those lusting men
The rising stars
Are shot down
Burnt down!


And from the ashes
Rises this Phoenix
This movement
For all the women
To stand up
To heal
The cut vaginas
And to face bravely
Against those vultures
Who brought them down
They maybe called
But actually they’re
For they’ve conquered
Their own fear
And inspire others
To overcome theirs!

I remembered having written these a few months back while helping the younger one with her project on Women centric help groups and she focussed on Dr. Sunitha Krishnan’s organization Prajwala.

This is in salute of those strong women who inspire with their thoughts, actions, words and their helping hand towards other distressed women!


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