Day 26 – We’ve a new friend

I’ve always been wary of strret dogs owing to their ferocious nature – I know…its the only way they can protect themselves!

And there are many of them around our factory. But one guy makes a difference.

He’s very quiet, even scared of other dogs on the street but has become our new friend.

Exactly at 4.30 in the evening, he comes in search of us. S feeds him bread – only bread huh…mind you! For that guy will not eat anything else we give him. I just don’t know the connection but that is what it is! We tried giving him rotis, rice…hmmhhmmmhhmmm…he just sniffed and went away.

At the precise dot of time, we can find him sitting outside patiently waiting for us.

After he eats those few bread slices, he goes off quietly – probably he has another appointment with another person like me 😉

And then there are days when we just take a walk down the road and he’ll follow us wherever we go.

The way he wags his tail, the fastest ever, is a sure shot sign of affection and we love him so much!


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