Day 24 – The “Shawl”story

Just don’t get it wrong – Chennai is not freezing – neither am I in the colder places – nor am I wearing a shawl.  People like me always refer to Shawl as this beautiful Kashmiri one which is used during chiller climates or as a beautiful accessory to a sari or dress.

And then there are others – who refer to the simple dupatta or a stole or a dirty towel as shawl – mind-boggling, I tell you !

Especially in this conservative land, where I live, the use of a shawl is a must, whether you wear a night wear (nightie), salwar kameez, jeans + tee shirt, jeans + shirt, jeans + kurti – anything apart from a sari, you need to wear a shawl to cover your boobs; of course, apart from the basic clothing.  Those people wearing nightie at home, just come down to drop their kids in the school bus in that nightie – Oh ! And covering themselves with a dirty towel which is perfectly defined as Shawl, in this land !

Girls are brought up conditioned by this rule – wear a shawl always ! Cover your chest, hair, face – anything you want.

Boys are conditioned too by this rule – any girl not wearing a shawl is bad – just bad.

I was shocked first, then saddened by the whole damn thing.

During my recent train travel, I met this sweet girl, who was travelling with me. She had come to Chennai for work and on the first day of her job, she wore a sleeveless kurti and jeans. Even if the company allowed the women to wear such dresses, all her co-workers were stunned and started criticizing her and her dress for she cannot wear sleeveless to work – the reason “Idhu Chennai ma” (This is Chennai). She had the shock of her life, as she is so used to wearing such clothes at her place – Bangalore.

But I made sure I’m not affected by this and neither are my girls.

Clothes do not define my personality. PERIOD.

I dislike wearing dupatta…OOPS…Shawl !  I may use it as an accessory whenever I like it but certainly not to define my personality !

There…its out of the system…and I’m relieved 😉

10 Replies to “Day 24 – The “Shawl”story”

  1. I was once told off by a random woman in the Chennai “metro” for sitting with my leg crossed because she found that disrespectful. I was annoyed, but I gave her the respect of age and shut up (but without uncrossing my legs which weren’t pointing at her, or touching her). So she went on and on and on till I lost it 😀 I would like to think she stopped giving out unsolicited advise and opinions since then 😛

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  2. Yesterday too I noticed school girls (of +2) in their salwar-kameez uniforms, plus a vest over the kameez. The vest is the new dupatta as far as school children are concerned. Imagine wearing another layer of clothing in this hot and humid weather! And why? Because boys will be distracted. Awww… Poor babies. Why don’t they homeschool the babies at home who get so easily distracted by boobs?
    Your post also reminds me of a friend who knew someone who said, “Whosoever discovered this chunni thing should be made to face a firing squad.”

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    1. True..firing squad for that chunni discovery !
      I wonder too at the concept of hiding everything that is so US just because others find it distracting…its always others…what about US?!

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