Day 23 – Anklet

It’s all the influence of the movies…

And probably her beautiful aunt…

Aaah…that’s the reason for her love for the anklet. Chal chal chal…what a beautiful sound!

Sigh…how she dreamed of having one of hers!

Her mom said, “I’ll get a pair for your wedding. Your uncle has promised to give some extra money for wedding expenses and I’ll surely buy you anklet”.

She dreamed of dancing with the anklets, just like Madhuri Dixit πŸ™‚

She dreamed of running down the hill, with the chal chal chal of the anklet echoing in the backdrop.

She imagined herself wearing anklet and caressed her ankles, giving herself a shiver !

And the day came.

Her wedding!

She was more excited to get the anklet than any other jewelry or saris.

How much time she spent buying her anklet ! The perfect design, the perfect sound of chal chal chal, the perfect fit on her ankle…Oh !! She wanted the day to come so that she can parade in her anklets everywhere!

On the day of the wedding, she wore it and was the happiest ever !

The sound of her anklets was like symphony for her…every Β step she took, she anticipated the sound and when it came, she smiled so proudly !

It was her wedding night and she went to meet the man of her life, privately.

As she entered, he looked up.

When she walked, he frowned.

She wondered, what happened !

He quietly asked, “What’s that sound – like a bull wearing bells around the neck??? Just remove it and throw it away” !

Her face was ashen in shock…

Story courtesy – Strange passenger on train!


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