Day 22 – Parasailing at Malpe beach

​I love going to the beach during the evenings, when the Sun dazzles against the water, when the water turns golden, when the Sun tries to kiss the waves and when the warm waters try to catch up with my feet! 

Sigh…what an amazing place to be…Malpe beach !

And as we walked by the soft white sand, the spread out parachute called out to me – Oh! Don’t be coy…come and parasail with me!

With S being insistent we try it out, with girls looking both skeptical and excited at the same time, with fearful excitement in me – we all decided to go for that parachute call.

With butterflies in my stomach, I got a life jacket on and the safety belt too. Oh my! Am I really going to do this !??!! With a fluttering heart beat, I saw the guide latch my safety belt to the chute. I just stood stunned at my decision to go for it.

And then he asked me to run a bit to give momentum to the flight.

When did I run??? When did the chute fly ?? Oh my God!! Am suddenly lifted up in the sky. The amazing flight up in the sky, held with two latches, the vast sea beneath me, the frothy waves so tiny in comparison, all the people on the beach trying to catch a glimpse at this flying woman…he he, the boat flying among the waves helping the chute to fly faster…Oh my!! What an incredible experience!!

And in the midst of it all, am trying to locate my girls in the crowd below…ha ha 😀

I didn’t want to come down at all…I wanted to fly…The butterflies in the stomach were spreading their wings more to help me fly…there are no words to explain that feeling!

Even though I couldn’t leave my hold on the parachute initially, I let it go towards the end to feel the freedom of flying with my legs dangling and wind bracing me – You just have to experience it to feel my words!

And then bang we landed on the sands and suddenly the sky was so high…That sky that I tried kissing during my parasailing seems to be so much above me…sigh…

But the joy in me remains
Excitement still coursing my veins
Sigh…That parasailing
A great moment in my living

That broke off my fear chains!


19 Replies to “Day 22 – Parasailing at Malpe beach”

  1. How exciting!! And your words so beautifully reflect your exulted state of mind, Ums! You go girl!

    Parasailing is an out of the world experience indeed! I did it a couple of years ago, it was so liberating to let go of your fear!

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