Day 21 – The different sales people

Ok…here I’m at home now with my legs stretched out, a cuppa in hand, some movie in the background and trying to type in today’s post!

And all that comes to my mind is flashes from the almost 24 hours of train travel in the past 5 days.

Those flashes mainly consist of hard working people, mostly handicapped, selling things on the train.

Maybe they’re wrong for travelling without tickets. But I find a sincerity in them, making a living by selling things in the train.

The man who sold handkerchieves, the woman who sold guavas, the old man who sold raw mangoes with salt, the one who sold lovely tees, the one who sold bags, keychains…there were many of them. And they all touched my heart with their sincerity to make a living, than by simply begging.

And I bought many little things from them – I may not use them all but I can give those things to others who may use it. And then am happy to have made a tiny difference in the day of those sales people.


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