Day 19 – Something to chew about

Today I was waiting at a restaurant, to be seated. And as I was watching all those young college students ordering and enjoying food, there was something starkingly visible to me.

In every table I could see people wasting food for which I really felt bad. If they couldn’t finish eating the dish, all they could do is pack the balance and give to someone on the streets who are going hungry. 

And while so many countries are having a food crisis, we just take things for granted and also think its our prerogative to do things as we wish. 

Being in the food industry has taught us to manage food wastes in a better way than just throwing it in bins. We’ve identified orphanages, old age homes in and around our locality and inform them whenever we’re sending them the extra food. And it helps evade the guilty feeling of wasting food.

And to all the youngsters out there – here is a shoutout. Just because parents send you pocket money doesn’t mean you buy and waste food. Buy and eat how much ever your stomach can take. Give the balance food to someone. Make sure food is not wasted. 


3 Replies to “Day 19 – Something to chew about”

  1. I identify with this.I now work in the Food Division of a business, and just doing rounds once a while in several of our restaurants makes my heart ache at the monstrous amounts of food going waste. It’s shocking how, just because you can afford, you buy so much more than what you do need! I don;t think I will ever come to terms with it.

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