Day 17 – When I went to the bank…

…to withdraw cash, it was a different kind of experience. Yes, I stood for an hour but that one hour just flew by as I stood to watch a myriad of emotions and amazing characters of our people out there.
– The biggest issue was with senior citizens standing in the queue. While many ppl were ok in allowing the senior citizens to skip the queue, there were ppl who wanted them to stand with everyone.
– The same for new mothers, with tiny babies accompanying them to the bank who came to withdraw cash. A little consideration for new mothers and senior citizens would have expressed the humanitarian value !
– People skipped the queue stating other reasons like locker, FD renewal and other stuff. Once inside, they just went to the teller counter.
– Its amazing how people listen to a Security guard shouting at them but they don’t have any self discipline to follow a queue.
– Two ladies behind me and one in front were having a guessing game of my age…ha ha…total fun time, I say!
– Also there was a heavy discussion on the use of hair dyes with total strangers and we didn’t even feel like we were strangers…I loved it πŸ˜‰
– And one more lady started with her tupperware marketing with me.
– While the men were fretting and fuming over time spent standing in the queue, the women were more smiling, talking, making new friends and exchanged nos too.
– Also if people stop panicking things will be a lot better. There are vegetable and fruit vendors who accept card, supermarkets accept card payments – so for people with cards for their sb accounts its not such a bad thing.
– The most funniest of all – two working girls were constantly giggling at others for a long time. And when they neared the teller, they didn’t even knew their own mobile nos to write on the back of the challan. Sigh…I wish they learn to do things and stop laughing at others.

So, did you guys go to your bank to withdraw money? How was your experience?


17 Replies to “Day 17 – When I went to the bank…”

  1. Oh, I had fun too. I also noticed that women were cooler about waiting (even working women who took time off work). Men were very combative, I felt.
    Another thing I noticed was that only the so-called “better educated” people who were causing most of the ruckus.
    I struck up random conversations with random strangers too, and loved it.


  2. A good experience. . I wonder how punjabi’s are coping. . You see standing in a queue to exchange money then having to queue in a liquor shop toooo… He he he he

    Ok ok bad joke…πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


    1. Hehe…that’s such a Malayali’s joke! I saw an FB post (by a Malayali) stating, for the first time in the history of Kerala, there is a longer, disciplined queue in front of ATMs and Banks than in front of the Beverages counter πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  3. I haven’t gone to the bank yet, but A had lots of stories to share with me. He was dressed casually in an old t-shirt and jeans and someone told him…acche kapde dikh rahe hain par aapko bhi line mein lagne ka time aa gaya! 😁
    This is the perfect example that women can remain undeterred in any situation. Men need to learn so much from us! πŸ˜†


  4. What a fun experience you had despite being in the queue for so long. I am still laughing at Tupperware lady. How committed these MLM people are!! I think now they have separate queues for senior citizens. My dad went the other day and there were just 2 of them in senior citizen queue and he was back home in 15 minutes!

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  5. I tried going to the Bank and ATM. ATM was out of cash and Bank was handing out only 2000 notes. I had only 50 Rs on my journey from Mumbai to Jalgaon. I had a 10 Rs chai and ghar ka nashta on the 6 hour journey. So yeah, I took the easy way out and did not go to the bank.

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