Day 14 – Being a sous chef…

…is such a rewarding experience! 

When I was young, I was always assistant to Amma. While she made sambar, I helped grinding the masalas. I always smelt them. The flavors bombed my senses and a memory was made. I captured the sambar flavors through my nostrils and again a memory was made. 

Now when I make sambar, naturally my mind compares the flavors of the sambar I make and that of the memory and immediately I know where I stand with Amma’s cooking standards.

Being the sous chef helped…

Paati used to make awesome pappads (appalam) – both from urid dal and from rice. Those appalams were superior in taste and quality that I absolutely dislike what’s being sold in shops as appalams – its filled with soda and gives a bad taste in mouth.

Me and my sister used to be the little assistants for rolling the appalams. We were asked to roll the dough into small circles and then paati used to make it into a bigger one. Whatever shape we rolled, she was an expert in correcting the irregular shapes we made into perfect circles.

Today when I roll out chapatis, I think of paati and try harder in getting that perfect circle.

Being a sous chef helped…

When I got married, MIL’s assistant was none other than me. All the masala grinding was scheduled on my list of work and I inhaled and memorized every single masala she made. Even today, when I make Masala kuzhambu, which is her speciality dish, the most important part is inhaling the flavors of the mixie jar to check if it matched that of my MIL. If the flavors matched then I proceed.

Being a sous chef helped…


10 Replies to “Day 14 – Being a sous chef…”

  1. Agree with you completely! Yes, being a sous chef helps learn so much. I am just a kitchen staff in KG’s kitchen and I must say that it is an enriching experience πŸ˜€


  2. Of course being a sous chef helps greatly.. I remember rolling out poori’s, checking on idli maavu in that big grinder, add water if needed and then switching off the cooker stove when it whistles 3 times πŸ™‚ wonderful memories…

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