Day 13 – The 9-yard saga

A small girl, of hardly 8-9 years looks at her patti in wonder. Her patti has this beautiful blue silkish sari – so soft to touch – in her hand. The little girl just wants to roll into the silky softness of the sari and lay cocooned inside! 

But paati slowly takes it from her and starts tying the sari. The girl wonders at the no of steps to tie this sari… And when she thought it was complete, paati sighs and starts re-tying it for she thought the outcome did not match her perfection levels. Maybe the pallu is short…maybe the pleats are less…maybe its pulling wrongly!

The girl sat amazed as the blue silk sari adorned her paati and hugged her tight to feel the softness of paati and of the blue silk sari. It felt divine.

On the day of her wedding, she got to wear a 9-yard pattu sari in rich reddish maroon, which she could have it always. How wonderful it felt to wear that sari! Paati tied it for her and this time there were no sighs. It came out perfect the first time itself. Maybe its her wedding…maybe its paati’s blessing…the outcome was wonderful! The feel of the pattu sari on the young bride made her glow with happiness.

Its the tradition to wear 9-yard sari during festival times at home. This girl took out her neatly pressed sari during the festival time, wondering to herself about the intricate tying methods and how is she going to wear it!!

She just thought of what her paati used to do and took the sari in her hands. Voila! In less than five mins she had tied the sari to perfection. An absolutely proud moment for her and her paati too!

How the hell did she learn to tie that?? All those years of seeing her paati tie the sari had put the whole process into her mind, which she didn’t realize it till then.

Not a day goes by when she doesn’t think of her paati, her soft hands, her love and of course her 9-yard saga!


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