Day 12 – Weekend musings

Nu’s post made me to think…
And with that I remembered watching a video by Brahmakumari, on how you just be your own self all intact with your own special personality and not expecting anything in return and keep doing your special thing again and again.

The video goes like this:

Person A visits person B and B cooks a feast for A. Both of them are happy.
When B visits A, there’s no feast, no tea either.
While cooking and serving others is a speciality of B, its not that of A.
But A may have other specialties.

Let’s build on our special personality and not expect the same from others. They might have something else to offer.

Too much gyaan huh?? 😉
I try in all my effort to be able to accept what life throws at me but am human! And sometimes get caught in the built up facades and then try to come out of it.
Its a learning…
For everyday…
To remember forever!


7 Replies to “Day 12 – Weekend musings”

  1. All issues are because of expectations …expectations are like bater system. I give , you give.And as shilpa said leads to relationship issues.. but as a human we cannot avoid expectations…


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