Day 11 – The stories that a Sari tell you…

I was making sambar this morning and while crushing the tamarind, some juice squeezed through my fingers and fell on my dress. Sigh…sily girl…I told myself. Since it was an old night-wear, it was ok, I felt. What if it had been a new sari ?? I surely will feel worse. But that was the person I used to be. Do you call it training from the cradle?? Oh yeah…maybe!

Amma never told this and that…do or not do…there was always a way to do and that was Amma’s way of doing things – which broadly classified as being a perfectionist, keeping things clean and orderly, washing your own clothes, the craziness to fold the clothes so neat that it looks ironed, pressing saris under the bed and many more such OCD kind of things. Don’t get me wrong – no blame game on Amma here 😉 She was very cool doing such stuff. She lived and showed by example that we absorbed this craziness just by observing what she’s doing. And I didn’t even know I had it in me till I single-handedly ran my own household.

Amma had this amazing capability of cooking a feast on Diwali days wearing a brand new pattu sari and not even a drop of water will splash on her sari – she’s so efficient in spite of the great multitasking she does.

Why? My patti used to wear 9 yard sari and she’ll wear it again and again till she got it perfect – that perfect pleats, the perfect length for the pallu- everything has to in perfect order. She used to make this amazing appalams, vadams – the taste so consistent in batch after batch which cannot be achieved had she not been a stickler for perfection !

I try to wear a sari and cook like Amma – without spilling even water on me – am still trying !

I try to wear that perfect 9-yard like Patti – still trying for that perfection !

Sigh…the sari stories 🙂


12 Replies to “Day 11 – The stories that a Sari tell you…”

  1. I guess that best trainers in the world are Moms! It’s only when you move out from under their wing and do exactly what they used to do that you realise they’d trained you all your life without really training you! 😀
    The only thing I did NOT learn from her (yet) is to wear a Sari and to make those yummy yummy pickles I keep asking her to make for me!

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  2. As much as I like to wear Sari, we are growing apart day by day. Even on occasions when it calls to wear a Sari I choose a salwar over Sari.. It will soon change, once LHB grows up I mutter to myself!!


  3. I graduated to salwar suits in my in-laws’ home only recently. Till now it was saris only. (Thankfully we didn’t spend more than a week there at a stretch.) I had to struggle a lot earlier but got used to cooking, bathing my kids, doing household chores etc draped in a heavy sari during festive season too! 😀 Mom is always the first and best example to follow for us.


  4. I finally did it last year, on Ganesha Chaturthi day. Cooked wearing a silk saree, including making obbattu (Puran Polis) 😀 Surprised myself, enjoyed and kinda felt proud too. 😛


  5. I am yet muster the guts to cook wearing a saree! I am any way such a clumsy cook, even in my normal wear, can’t imagine what a mess I will be if I wear a sari and cook *shudders*

    My ma is like aunty. She can cook a storm wearing a pattu saree even! Moms, I tell you..wonder if we can ever be a patch on them 😀


  6. We learn. We make mistakes and learn more. That’s how it is. I’m amazed at the way my aunt can sit through in a sari without a single wrinkle on it from start to end of a day during a trip. We all are amazed. May be there are wrinkles. Just that they over all effect is so over powering wrinkleless that we do not see those little ones or in our great appreciation of them ..


  7. I wish I could wear a sari and cook! I’ve never tried, and don’t think I could. My mum was the same. Everything would be spotless and pristine and as you say batches of kondattams, vadakams, etc, tasting fabulous, batch after batch. I’m the other extreme. Not sure how I’ve managed to turn out so different from my mum.
    I have a friend, who cooks effortlessly in saris. Everytime she hosts a party, she will be immaculately dressed, sometimes in crisp Bengal cottons while frying, sauteing, blending, kneading… At the end of the day, she would still be immaculate, while us guests would be wilting 🙂


  8. Mom’s are good at multi tasking wearing a saree. I don’t think I can ever do anything wear a saree than just sitting and not walking much.
    I am bad with cooking I spoil my house clothes too while cooking and apron is at my rescue.

    Btw when I wored my first saree I was wondering how to go to loo😂.


  9. We learn so much unconsciously from our mothers.We sisters have got this OCD for cleaning organizing from mom too. And now my son says that sometimes I speak like my mom too! Hats off to you ladies for cooking in sarees and that too without spoiling them I cant walk properly in a saree!!


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