Day 6 – The taste buds drama

Am feeling a little unwell – severe cold, cough and too much phlegm; yes am taking medicines and will be better soon.

The point is am not able to smell a damn thing nor taste the peppery garlicky rasam I made for myself.

And Bindu’s recent post on aromas has literally kicked my mind into sensing the aromas I so yearn for now – the strong pepper smell!

It’s all a play in the mind…seriously as ny nostrils are fighting their own battle with a phlegm block!

And the heart yearns for Amma and her spicy tangy poondu milagu kuzhambu with hot rice and pappad…sigh…the gastronomical pleasures!

And when she makes her special chinna vengaya araichu vitta sambar with aloo fry, its an out of the world experience for me!

Sundays were days when we were given castor oil to clean up the digestive track. After all the trips to the loo is done with and when me and my siblings sit tired, she’ll treat us to an amazing rasam and hot rice…man, we tolerated the castor oil for the rewardful rasam at the end!

And on Mondays, somavara vratham days, it was treat time literally. Pachamapodi upma, more koozh, sevai – we loved it all – actually we loved the vratham days more!

Am planning on milagu kuzhambu to soothe my throat and put some sense into my taste buds…I hope am able to relish it today!

So what’s special in your Sunday kitchen?


15 Replies to “Day 6 – The taste buds drama”

  1. As I age, I yearn for my grandma’s food more and more too.
    Today was my mom’s divasam, Every year, I cook the meal on her anniversary. So..the works – milagu kuzhambu, milagu rasam, vazakkai, paavakkai, seppankizangu, inji pachadi, perandai thogayal, sugiyan, vadai, kadalaiparuppu-coconut payasam and thenkuzal. On daily days, my samaiyal is not worth mentioning. Today, they came out well ! Must be the emotional involvement…

    Hope you get well soon.

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    1. Thanks Shilpa…much better…light cough is there but I think it’ll go off in a day or two !
      Paneer parathas – yummm…my younger one would love it !
      Of course, make a trip down South and we can cook, eat and have fun !


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