Day 3 – The CAMERA man

After my wedding, we visited the houses of many relatives, as was customary. Β We also had a wish to visit Pondy sometime. Clubbing the two ideas, we visited my husband’s cousin at Pondy and stayed at his place for 2 days while sight-seeing the city too.

As a newly married bride, little did I know of the soft-soul-camera-frenzy cousin of my husband πŸ˜€ Β There was a surprise as we were leaving. We were gifted a small photo album which contained all the pictures taken during our two day of sight seeing at Pondy. I was like WOW ! What a nice gesture !

From then on, we used to meet frequently during family functions and get-togethers and everywhere I saw him with a camera, clicking pictures, taking copies and gifting the families, thereby bringing in a smile always !

When my daughters came into the family picture, he used to take lovely close-ups of them and print enlarged copies for me to frame those lovely pictures.

And when people see him at functions they’ll be full of requests to him to click their pictures and he’ll smilingly oblige to every request !

Now, in this digital era, where printing pictures have become out-of-style, he still clicks pictures makes a digital album and emails everyone in the family. So, even if you happen to miss out on a function, you can be rest assured to see the whole function through the eyes of the CAMERA man !

My salute to him as he brings in a smile to everyone who knows him, when they just think of him !


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