Day 1: A prayer

As I sit to type the first post for my month long posting on my blog, the first thing that comes up is a prayer – a prayer for all those sparks to write to come back to me now; those which kept haunting me for many days and finally I left it owing to lack of time! And with that prayer, here is a big welcome change as I visit my blog everyday to write, read and finally be childishly happy from the heart πŸ™‚

Thinking of prayer, the first and foremost person that comes to my mind is my patti. Aaahh…how I miss her, her soft words, her soft hands and her strong mind !!

There’s this prayer of hers, which she recites from her heart and that got etched in mine – “Thaaye, lokamatha, ellarayum nalla padiya rakshikkanum” which translates to “Oh Mother, Goddess of the Earth, bless all the people on this land“.

I didn’t realize the importance of such a prayer then. But I do now. Β What an amazing thought and prayer to ask blessings for the people of the whole Earth !! Patti truly stands out in sending out positive vibes around to everyone ! If only everyone can say a prayer like that everyday, just imagine the amount of positivism that can resonate around us – each one wishing for the goodness of the other.

And I begin this month with such a prayer to everyone – stay blessed !


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