A dream

Have you ever wondered
About the significance
Of a dream?

Some dreams
Keep us awake
All through our life…
They’re goals
Rather ambitions
Made up by mind
Telling the heart
The road to follow
The path to take
To make that dream
A reality!

And then there are dreams
Where you see yourself
In a happy place
Among fav people
Enjoying life
And then it denotes
Perhaps you need a break!

There are a special few
In which Dad comes
Just showing his cheerful face
Feeling loved
And giving us love
Through that connect in the dream!
Asking questions
Maybe telling
What we need to do now…
That moment
Waking up with tears in eyes
For seeing him
And for listening to his voice
Melts the insides
Aaaahhhh….come back again
Even if it’s in the dream !


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