Microblog Mondays : The cloud above my head :D


There is this cloud
Right above my head !

I feel it following me
Here, there and everywhere…
Just like the little pug of Vodafone
I’ve this cloud, which is my boon πŸ˜€

It’s the dark rain cloud
Looks like its ready to burst
And splash on me
The cool waters it stored !

This cloud is between the sun and me
Thereby casts a shadowΒ with a glee
So that I always walk in shade
The cruel sun’s rays I evade
What a wonderful way
To escape the hot slithering sun’s rays !
Oh ! Glory to that rainy cloud !

I caught my mind
And to imaginations, put a rein
Is this possible?
Is this true?
And then I tell myself
That miracles do happen
Console yourself
That cloud is there above
Giving you a shade filled with love πŸ™‚




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